API Teach in Colombia Participant Profile: Jennah

March 27, 2017

Meet Jennah, who has been teaching in a public school in Colombia since February


North Attleboro, MA, USA



Brandeis University –Health (Science, Society, Policy) & International/Global Studies major

Yoga, reading, walking my dog, working out, spending time with friends and family, traveling.

Favorite place you’ve visited:
Arica, Chile

Prior experience:
Throughout my time at Brandeis, I have had many opportunities to teach, volunteer and travel. During my sophomore year, I traveled to Honduras with a public health global brigade. Through this program I taught health education to elementary school students. That same year I volunteered at a middle school near campus, where I helped students with their homework after school. During my junior year I studied abroad in Arica, Chile. Finally, in my senior year I tutored Anabella, a Brandeis facilities services worker from Guatemala to help her improve her English reading and writing.

Why Colombia?
It was when I was in Chile that I became dedicated to returning to South America to teach English. I craved another opportunity to get to know new cultures, peoples, ideas, and places. I am eager to learn from Colombian teachers and students, and use my privilege as a native English speaker to help them achieve their goals. I realize that without a strong fundamental basis in English, succeeding in school, obtaining employment, and improving basic communication in a dynamic global market can be challenging. I am committed to teaching students English so that these opportunities are attainable for them. I love that the API Teach in Colombia programs allow me the chance to teach alongside a Colombian teacher, which is an extremely unique professional and educational opportunity.

Enjoying Colombia’s biggest yearly festival, Carnaval, in Barranquilla


Carnaval, with new friends


To learn more about the Teach in Colombia program that Jennah is experiencing, click here: http://downloads.apistudyabroad.com/Colombia_flyer_sp17.pdf

Applications for the June/July 2017 continue to be accepted, though it is likely to fill quickly! Please contact Brittany at [email protected] with any questions and/or to apply.



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