API Wins Innovation in Online Programming

June 10, 2022
Innovation in Online Programming Award Winner

As we return from the NAFSA conference, we are proud to announce that API won the GoAbroad award for Innovation in Online Programming for our Quarantine and Self-Isolation Learning Experience!

API designed a unique skills-based learning experience for program participants who may have to quarantine or self-isolate during their in-country international experience. Our objective was to produce an experience that gave students a meaningful and productive way to use their time. We also wanted to combat any culture shock or homesickness that may be exacerbated through quarantine and self-isolation. 

In the experience, students navigate content modules designed to develop essential skills necessary to maximize their time abroad. These skills include resilience, mindfulness, intercultural learning, reflection, and goal-setting. Additionally, learners receive support from API on-site staff, including regular chats, check-ins, and notifications all delivered via the APIConnect Learning Experience App. The learning experience is designed for the students to navigate over multiple days during quarantine or self-isolation and encompasses around 15 contact hours of student work. 

The course is the result of a cross-functional collaboration at API, with our Proprietary Programming Team (namely Brody Tate, Curriculum Developer and Jamie Weaver, Instructional Designer) working closely with on-site staff, including Regional and Resident Directors, and API’s Student Success team to ensure students have an engaging quality learning experience. 

With API’s Pausing for Perspective: Quarantine and Self-Isolation Learning Experience, students have the chance to meaningfully use their time in quarantine that promotes increased well-being and mindfulness. 

You can learn more about our award and other GoAbroad winners here.

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