Boost Up That Resume – Be an API Guest Blogger!

September 7, 2018

You don’t need us to tell you; travel blogs are exploding in popularity! From Sharjah to Shanghai, we’re seeing more and more of the world… on the world wide web! And that’s good news for anyone wanting to boost up their resume, grad school application, writing skills; you name it!

The opportunity to be a guest blogger here on the #APIAbroad blog is not just limited to study abroad students! We want to hear from volunteers, teachers, gap year participants and more on what you’ve learned and appreciated during your international travels. Refine your writing skills, earn digital badges, grow as a storyteller, create videos, engage with new communities, and practice meaningful reflection; all while creating a tangible way to remember your time abroad forever!

Interested? Click on the social media tab under API Community here.


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