Costa Rica- ICDS Scholarship Opportunity!

March 2, 2018

API is excited to present a unique scholarship opportunity for San Jose, Costa Rica students at the International Center for Development Studies (ICDS).

API Costa Rica Students

The Spanish and Community Engagement Summer Program at ICDS

The Spanish and Community Engagement Program at ICDS offers students the opportunity to improve their Spanish language skills while gaining exposure to the Costa Rican society and culture. Students will complete 3 hours of class Monday through Thursday afternoons, following a morning spent engaging in community service.

The community service experiences will be incorporated into the classroom, through interactive exercises such as debates and presentations, as well as the completion of reflective essays, journals, blogs, etc. Some examples of community work available include volunteering with a sustainable farm, helping at-risk children at a local school or community center, working with marginalized seniors, classifying pre-Columbian artifacts at a local museum, and working with migrant communities. 

ICDS is offering a $300 scholarship for students enrolled in this program this summer.

ICDS Development Studies in Latin America Fall Program

This program combines academics, service-learning, and cultural immersion to provide students with the opportunity to acquire in-depth knowledge of human rights, analyze challenges to environmental sustainability, and understand human development in greater complexity. Social justice, sustainability, gender issues, social cohesion, the dichotomy of exclusion and inclusion, as well as the relationship between Latin America and the United States, are just some of the many themes of development explored in this program. The analysis of case studies and hands-on engagement with the local community are features of this program.

ICDS is offering a $500 scholarship for students enrolled in this program this Fall.


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