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May 13, 2019

Yesterday marked National Limerick Day! The event celebrates the birthday of English author & poet Edward Lear, who is considered the “father” of the limerick. Limericks consist of five lines of poetry; the first two lines rhyme with the fifth line and the third and fourth line rhyme together. Today we thought it’d be fun to start with a limerick by Lear… and then of course, we can’t let the occasion pass without going into our study abroad programs offered in Limerick, Ireland!

By Edward Lear

There was a Young Lady whose chin
Resembled the point of a pin;
So she had it made sharp, and purchased a harp,
And played several tunes with her chin.

Why study abroad in Limerick?

Whether you’re a fan of history, music, dining or art, you’ll feel right at home in Limerick. Founded by Vikings in the 10th century, it’s the oldest chartered city in Ireland. There are over 400 castles in County Limerick alone!

In addition, Limerick is a fantastic place for nature lovers and sports fans. There are fabulous hiking and biking trails within walking distance, and Irish water sports are very popular here. The city has excellent sports facilities and plenty of opportunities for study abroad students to participate in organized sports abroad.

API offers semester programs AND graduate programs here

Limerick is a rare gem for API in that it’s a city where we are able to offer a program for graduate students at the University of Limerick! Graduate programs (which usually run from September through May, or September through September) are available in the Kemmy Business School, the Faculty of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences, the Faculty of Education & Health Sciences, the Faculty of Science & Engineering, and the Irish World Academy of Music & Dance. Whether you’re wanting to dive in to Classical String Performance or European Law; there’s a graduate program in Limerick waiting for you!

As for our undergraduate semester program, students can also choose from a variety of courses. Disciplines include business, education, Irish studies, engineering, science, humanties and informatics/electronics.

Explore more of Ireland with #APIabroad

Included in your program cost are excursions to beautiful places across Ireland. This is truly one of the most beautiful islands in the world! Trips included the Ring of Kerry, Bunratty Castle (which was built in 1425!), Galway and of course Blarney Castle, where you have the option to “kiss the Blarney stone” for good luck and eloquence!

There’s a place for you to study abroad
It’s absolutely gorgeous & not at all flawed
Limerick is a beauty
It’s a great place for a foodie
& for kissing a stone & feeling quite odd!

(We need to work on our limericks.)


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