Harlaxton College: Mad Lib!

April 10, 2018
Harlaxton Manor

The High School Summer study abroad program at Harlaxton College in Grantham, England, is a great way for students to immerse themselves in a new experience. Grantham is one hour north of London, making the big city very accessible while living in an English market town. Students will spend a few days during the program touring London during orientation, and travel as a group to the manor.

Students will live in the manor house and take the course, Britain: Past and Present, in the staterooms for college credit! Cultural activities and excursions to nearby British towns including Newark, Nottingham, and Cambridge will take place in the afternoons and on weekends!

To see if you are ready for your time in the UK this summer, test your knowledge of all things British with this story told by a former study abroad student in England!

WORD BANK: Chinwag; Telly; Wellies; Pubs; Quid; Uni; Cuppa;

As a girl from Texas, I was quite unprepared for rain and chilly weather during the middle of July. To my surprise, this is not uncommon in the British Isles! It was a cloudy day in England when I was out on a walking tour of London, and it started to rain! Luckily for me, English ____ are great places to escape the weather and grab a bit of fish ‘n’ chips. We stopped in The Sherlock Holmes Pub to order some British classics. So, I sat down, enjoyed my chips and waited out the rain. My friends and I enjoyed a small _____ while we sat and enjoyed the ambiance. We talked about the Cursed Child play and our trip to Warner Bros. Studios to see where the Harry Potter movies were filmed. When we left, I made sure to leave our server twenty _____ and then headed back out to explore the city. London, if you haven’t been, is a large, thriving city that has standing monuments of history dating back to the Roman civilization. It is even more impressive than anything you can see on the ____. We went through a tour of the Tower of London to see the Crown Jewels and walked along the Thames for a bit. I really needed my pair of _______ because I stepped in a huge puddle and soaked my pants up to my knee, which really could’ve ruined my day. By the time we had made it back to our hotel, we were ready for a ____ tea.  We sipped our tea and discussed our upcoming classes at ____. I was glad to have the time to relax and de-stress after a long day.

You can learn more about the Harlaxton program offerings here


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