Ideas for Jan-Term and Maymester!

November 13, 2017

Looking for something a bit out-of-the-box to do during your winter break? Hoping for more than a classroom experience during Maymester? You don’t have to resort to Netflix and more book work. Connect instead to your passions and put them to use! Check out these “API-nspiring” opportunities.

Give back to the environment, then pay it forward in your own community!

Chile: Assist with reforestation and irrigation projects, and help build community awareness and appreciation for the environment in local schools.

Ecuador: Live on the edge of a national park in the Galapagos and help local farmers with daily farm upkeep and national park conservation efforts.

Costa Rica: Spend time on a sustainable farm learning about integrated ecological practices and helping sell produce at local markets.


Learn how local organizations are protecting wildlife!

Ecuador: Help out at an Amazon wildlife care center, feeding animals and assisting with facilities care and daily upkeep.

Brazil: Volunteer on a Jaguar Reserve, helping with daily animal care and park conservation efforts.


Engage in the community

Costa Rica: Tutor kids in English conversation skills, assist with an after-school kids program, or help facilitate activities and support community building at a local center for the elderly.

Guatemala: Take Spanish lessons while volunteering at a local daily care clinic for folks with disabilities.

Ecuador: Visit a local Amazonian community and assist with gardening and various constructions projects, as well as teaching environmental conservation and appreciation.

Chile: Volunteer with elementary-age kids playing sports, practicing reading skills and helping with learning projects.

Argentina: Help facilitate a youth sports camp, or support local efforts to provide daily care and activities for the disabled and terminally ill of all ages.

If you didn’t see something of interest in this list, don’t worry – there’s much more where these opportunities came from! Click the country links above for more program information, or use THIS LINK to apply if you’re ready to go for it.

Got questions? Give us a call at 512-600-8900. We’d love to help you find your best-fit volunteer experience!


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