Intern Profile: Emily

July 19, 2017

This intern spotlight is on Emily Kuhn from Clemson University. Emily is a Management major with an interest in health sciences, who is currently interning abroad in Barcelona, Spain.

Which company are you an intern for? Describe your typical day at work. What are you currently working on? 

I am working for Robbie AI! They are a start-up working in the field of telemedicine. Robbie AI developed artificial intelligence software that recognizes faces and can detect a person’s primary and secondary emotions. Currently I am researching how this technology can help patients with ADHD and the parents of children who have ADHD.

Could you see yourself having a future career in the industry that you are currently interning within? What are you learning?

I have always been very interested in the healthcare industry and hope to have a future career in healthcare. Robbie AI is definitely a great place to start. The world of telemedicine is a big rising industry so I am very fortunate to be able to learn about it now as it is just emerging and making big waves in healthcare!

What is your favorite thing to do in your free time? Have you taken any cool trips on your weekends off? Established any new friendships?

 I have loved being able to travel on the weekends! So far I have visited Amsterdam, Munich, and Salzburg! I will also be traveling to Pisa, Corsica France, and London! It’s been incredible to see so many different parts of Europe! However, I also love spending time and weekends in Barcelona! This city is gorgeous and I find something new every single day! I have also loved the incredible friendships I have created during this experience!

Were the expectations you had of your host culture met? Why or why not? Was the vision of yourself in interaction with the host culture realized? Why or why not? What about your pre-conceived notions?

I think that there is this pre-conceived notion that these big European cities are places for tourists and tourism but forget to realize that people live here and there is a whole culture beyond what we know from TV or Movies. I have loved getting to meet the locals. Learning about popular customs from my co-workers has been one of my favorite parts of my internship! I definitely need to keep working on my Spanish/Catalan though! I definitely expected to love Barcelona but I don’t think I expected to love it this much!


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