7 Unique Internships Abroad

December 21, 2018
API Intern Brady Stevens and chef

Most colleges and universities today require an internship at some point. Because internships offer opportunities to gain experience and make connections, finding the right placement is essential (and can be stressful!). Today, more and more students are choosing internships abroad! These placements not only provide crucial job experience in your chosen field, they also provide the opportunity to travel! An internship abroad is a truly unique experience; combining work and play in beautiful places around the world.

If you choose to intern abroad with API, you’re guaranteeing yourself a personalized placement based on your needs and career goals. Because of that, it’s hard to give you an exact idea of what your internship will look like until we talk to you. However, here are 7 examples of unique internship abroad placements we’ve done recently:

Equine internship abroad

1. Theatre Internship Abroad in London

Immerse yourself in the theatre life by taking part in an internship at one of London’s most well-known theatres! This internship is a perfect opportunity for performing arts majors who want to dedicate their craft and learn more about the business side of putting on plays, musicals and educational events. The intern assists with marketing, script development and more!

API Intern Brady Stevens and chef

2. Culinary arts internship in Spain

Spain is one of the food capitals of the world, so what better place to learn the craft? Our API intern Brady loved his experience learning to cook Spanish and Mediterranean cuisine in Seville and also learning the in’s & out’s of running a restaurant. This is a great example of one of our internships abroad that you really can’t find anywhere else. Interning in a Spanish food restaurant in the states is just not the same!

Brady shared more about what he learned in his experience: “I’ve learned a lot from my time interning as a chef… I’m most certainly invested in making a career in being a chef. There’s the obvious things like classic Spanish recipes, classic techniques, and products. The more meaningful things I have learned are the details, care, and consideration it takes to run a small restaurant like a family, and successfully I might add.”

Entrepreneur interns taking part in start up internships abroad

3. Entrepreneur internships abroad in Chile

If starting your own business is a dream you’ve always had, there’s no better way to learn more about it than by doing an entrepreneur internship! Our placements in Chile allows interns to gain knowledge of the “start-up ecosystem”. What does that mean? Interns learn to pitch trainings, brainstorm new ideas, and meet people from all over the world who are creating industry-changing businesses.

4. Tourism or Hospitality Internships in Spain

Internships abroad go hand in hand with tourism or hospitality majors! Learn more about sustainable tourism by interning at a company offering tours in Barcelona, Spain. This company focuses on culture and the arts. Interns have the chance to assist with tour bookings, organizing tours and materials; not to mention they get to tour the sites and sounds of Barcelona!

Another hospitality internship we offer in Barcelona places interns at a small boutique hotel with stylish accommodations and spa services. It’s just a short walk from a main fashion avenue in Barcelona. Interns gain experience in hotel reception services, reservations and billing in one of the prettiest cities in the world.

API intern abroad in London

5. Fashion & Jewelry Marketing Internships Abroad

Interns who take part in our fashion internship in London are able to work at a design house located in the heart of London’s fashion district. Learn from highly skilled teams made up of design, trend, marketing, and sourcing. Interns assist with visual merchandising, research upcoming trends, help produce mood boards and more!

If jewelry marketing is your wheelhouse, consider heading to beautiful Dublin! Interns work at an Irish boutique store that specializes in handcrafted jewelry. They help with paper media marketing, social media management, and sales. With the store located in central Dublin, interns will find themselves right in the heart of one of Ireland’s most beautiful cities.

API student on sup in Dublin Ireland

6. Sports Marketing Internships in Dublin or Sydney

Also in Dublin is an opportunity for the adventurous spirit! If you want to work with skiers, bikers, hikers, mountaineers, even skydivers, this is the placement for you. API offers internships abroad at a popular adventure sports store with a community focus. The goal: promoting Dubliners to take on a more outdoor lifestyle! The intern will assist with marketing research, social media management, and product research.

Similarly, API provides a sports marketing internship with a surfing school in Sydney! This organization focuses on getting people in Australia to take up surfing and to live a healthy lifestyle. Interns will assist with marketing research, event planning and more.

7. Arts Management Internship in Edinburgh

This internship is a perfect opportunity for art history and business students because the placement comes during one of Edinburgh‘s largest festivals. The intern has the chance to help plan events at a museum during this time. In addition, they’ll gain experience in marketing and sales as well as client relationship building.

Don’t see an internship that fits you? That’s okay!

Each internship we place is unique and we are always open to exploring options along with you. Our wide variety of past internship placements include working on solar cars in Santiago to working in a special needs classroom in Melbourne. (Seriously, there are placements you haven’t even thought of yet, like interning at a chocolate art museum in Italy!) Because of this, we have an entire department at API focused on placing each and every person in a location and program that is best suited for their goals. In addition, we get to know our students to learn more about their needs, interests and lifestyles. We consider all of that and more before placing students in internships abroad.

If you give us a call at 800-844-4124 we will connect you to our internship team. You can let them know what you’re studying, what career goals you have, and what locations you’d prefer. We will then come up with a placement plan for you to make sure you get the very best experience.

Applications for many of our internships abroad are due February 1, so we recommend you get started early!


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