Parsons Paris Faculty Spotlight – Jason Glasser

January 21, 2019
Parsons Paris instructor Jason Glasser

The excitement is palpable at API headquarters! Right now, we’re receiving an onslaught of applications for the prestigious summer programs at Parsons Paris. We’ve talked about these programs before. Why are they so popular? These courses are taught by some of the most distinguished names in the art, fashion, photography and design industries. These classes also fill up quickly, so it’s important to get that application started early. To give you a better idea of class structure & organization at Parsons Paris, today we’re talking with one of their talented lecturers, Jason Glasser!

Parsons Paris instructor Jason Glasser

Jason is an American artist and educator living and working in Paris. His diverse artistic practice has produced works in painting and drawing, installation, film and video, and more.

API: First, we’d love to hear about what classes you’re teaching at Parsons Paris this summer – and why you’re excited about them!

Jason Glasser: I teach a class called Explorations in Drawing in the summer program. The class is true to its title, we explore many different approaches to drawing: drawing from observation, drawing from memory, creative drawing, figure drawing, process based drawing, and more. We also explore drawing materials like pencil, charcoal, ink, and pastels. The class goes over some of the subjects you might find in the first year Parsons Paris curriculum but in the more relaxed atmosphere of the summer program. The class meets every day for three weeks, that gives people lots of time to practice and to see improvement!

Explorations in drawing at Parsons Paris

API: What’s teaching at Parsons Paris like?

Jason Glasser: Parsons Paris is a small school, the students get to know each other very quickly. The classrooms have good natural light and they are all located in one building in one of the most beautiful neighborhoods of Paris. There is also a student lounge where students can get together between sessions. If the weather is nice you can walk 2 blocks to the Jardin de Tuileries. During the Explorations in Drawing class we visit some of the great museums and monuments of Paris, these are easy to get to from school.

API: What advice do you have for students who want to enroll? What should they keep in mind?

Jason Glasser: The summer program is an immersion in a city and in an Art and Design school environment. In my class the emphasis is on participation, no matter what your level of technical skill in drawing is. The goal is not on grades but coming out of the class with new ideas about what is possible. High School students who are looking to build a portfolio to apply for college level art schools can look forward to having time to develop some finished works during the class and getting constructive feedback from peers and teachers.

API: Describe being an American living in Paris. What will students notice, love or learn when they come to Paris to study abroad?

Jason Glasser: Paris is a great place to visit. Students will notice details everywhere; the way that people interact, the architecture, the food. Most people can speak English, and they are patient if you want to practice your French. Americans have a long history of coming to Paris to visit and people are welcoming. French people are sensitive to basic manners, so remember to say “Bonjour” (Hello) “S’il vous plaît” ( Please) and “Merci” (Thank You).

Merci, Jason, for talking to us about your class!

We’re so excited about all of our programs in Parsons Paris! Don’t forget we offer a pre-college program for students 16-18 years old as well as two summer options for college students. In addition, we also offer a Luxury Design Program with the semester split between two “art centres” of Europe: Paris and Florence, Italy. For more information on these or any of our other programs, give us a call: 800-844-4124.


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