Luxury Systems- API Summer Courses at Parsons Paris

October 18, 2017

Over the course of the next several months, we plan to feature some of our favorite summer course offerings. This week we’re profiling Luxury Systems.

The Parsons Paris Pre-College Summer program allows you to experience Paris from an insider’s perspective by exploring the history of European art and design firsthand in the many museums and design studios throughout Paris. The program is open to all undergraduate college students who wish to deepen their art and design knowledge and develop their skills in a rigorous academic environment.

Parsons Paris Summer Program Abroad
What defines a luxury business and what are the key strategies that determine the growth of a high-end company in today’s transnational world? The analysis of the various business models of companies of different sizes provides an in-depth understanding of the business fundamentals and key managerial strategies that allow a brand development in compliance with specific values and heritage.

Particular focus is given to the articulations between design, innovation, sourcing, development, production, marketing, distribution, retail and communication operations. The course helps students acquire a consistent knowledge of the specificities and complexities of the luxury creative businesses in the Parisian context for a better design of their sustainable future.

You can learn more about this course and all Parsons Paris course offerings here:


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