Meet the Summer ’17 Blog Team!

June 6, 2017

Each semester the API blog features a crew of thoughtful, hardworking and passionate bloggers. The team will share their abroad experience via writing, videography, photography… a mix of expressive mediums to tell their API story; presenting an opportunity to explore right alongside our students! Meet the Summer 2017 blogger crew:

Emily De Jong from Hamilton College, Biochemistry/ Molecular Biology and Hispanic Studies Major studying in San Joaquin de Flores, Costa Rica

Jessica Albright from the University of Iowa, English and Creative Writing and Secondary Education Major, studying in Florence, Italy

Andrea Garcia- Plata from Virginia Commonwealth University, Liberal Studies for Early and Elementary Education Major, French Minor studying in Grenoble, France

Mia Winfree from Oklahoma State University, Environmental Sciences major, studying in Rome, Italy

Brianna Goebel from Western Washington University, Business Marketing and French major, studying in Caen, France

Mikayla Walters from the University of South Alabama, Chemical Engineering Major, Interning in Santiago, Chile

Alex Tucker from the University of Memphis, Anthropology Major, Interning in Shanghai, China


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