Meet your Resident Director in Chile!

September 12, 2017

Meet your Resident Director in Chile!

Claudia, born in in the city of Santiago, is the primary source of support for API students, volunteers and interns in Chile. Feel free to explore API volunteer or academic opportunities in Chile. Will Claudia be your Resident Director abroad?

Claudia Rebeca Aliaga Fernández Resident Director of Santiago, Chile

What is your experience living abroad?

I spent 8 years living in Europe (Barcelona and Brussels). I first did my postgraduate studies at Barcelona through a Chilean Presidential Scholarship and then I worked in Barcelona and Brussels in communications and children’s television.

 What is your story behind becoming a part of the API family?

The last resident director in Santiago recommended me. She is friend and colleague in the area of Higher Education, where I used to work before becoming part of API. My family life always was involved in the international area too. Being in contact with and supporting students was a responsibility I used to love to do during 11 years in higher education, first as professor and then in charge of career guidance. It was a great stimulus to be in API and to continue working with students.

What about Chile makes it a unique location to live?

Chile is a country with significant development within the region that makes it a safe and comfortable place to live. Its long length and geographic variety allow one to enjoy the most varied landscapes and climates to discover.  Chile has a lot of places to visit and from Santiago, you can go to the sea or mountains nearby. The people are gentle and now more cosmopolitan. We have a wide variety of food and drinks, modern places, while other areas are still virgin and yet to be explored.

What is your absolute favorite place or thing to do in Santiago?

I like to rediscover Santiago’s heritage; visit old places and traditional stores and restaurants. I also love to speak with the people from every neighborhood, taking photos and riding my bike.

API offers a variety of ways to contribute to social initiatives in Santiago and Viña del Mar through volunteering. What are some creative local strategies Chileans have developed to address social issues?

There are social initiatives at the public and private level in Chile that have been internationally recognized as being of the most innovative solutions worldwide; many based on individual and community empowerment through the practice of co-creation. An example of this is a virtual platform that was created so that everyday citizens have the opportunity to participate in social innovation by offering a space to upload ideas related to environmental issues, natural resources, education and human capital.

What would you say to someone who is considering studying, interning or volunteering abroad?

Any experience that plunges a young person out of their home environment and is ready to share a new culture through study, volunteering, residence or tourism develops a new vision of the world and those around them. Its allows a growth-based exchange, promotion of values and the development of skills that will serve your life in all areas

What first impressions can a visitor expect upon arriving to Chile?

Although Chile presents social inequalities, the general environment reflects a modern country. A safe and now more multicultural country, the environment is peaceful with friendly people. Enjoy the beautiful and varied landscapes.


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