Meet your Spring 2020 Student Bloggers!

January 27, 2020

January marks the beginning of many of API’s spring semester programs, and we are excited to introduce a new group of creative bloggers and vloggers! Check out our blog, YouTube, and Instagram accounts for posts from our students all over the world!

Caitlin Donahue, UMass Amherst student studying in Florence, Italy

Ciao! My name is Caitlin Donahue and I am excited to be studying abroad in Florence, Italy for the Spring 2020 semester! I am a junior at UMass Amherst studying Public Health and Economics. Some of my favorite things include travelling to new places, photographing my adventures, and reading great stories.  This semester, I am especially looking forward to travelling to cities throughout Europe, meeting new friends, trying new foods, and learning a whole lot!  The beautiful city of Florence has so much to explore, and I cannot wait to see where my semester abroad with API will take me!

Cameron Montes, California State Polytechnic University Pomona student studying in Salamanca, Spain

Although, I hail from the suburbs of Los Angeles, about 20 minutes east of the city, I’ve still had the fortune to experience the many artistic inspirations and influences that flow out of the City of Angels. Visual art mediums are some of my favorite things to work on, especially photography and film. But, I also do have a fondness for the art of writing and narration. The euphoria of experiencing, seeing and discovering new customs, food, and culture is why traveling has become my new favorite hobby, one that thoroughly fascinates and enriches me.

Daniela Quiroz, University of Texas at El Paso student studying in Madrid, Spain

Hello, my name is Daniela Quiroz and I am currently a sophomore at the University of Texas at El Paso. This Spring semester I am going to Madrid Spain and I am super excited. When I saw that we could apply to the student blogger, I was really interested in applying as I love to take pictures and videos. In my picture, I am in Guadalajara Mexico on my way to the Jose Cuervo Tequila tour on a train. Taking pictures while traveling is always my favorite part, and being part of this would be really exciting. Apart from that, I am studying Marketing Business, and later on I would also love to study design and hopefully be an interior designer.

Danielle Picot, University of New Hampshire student studying in Florence, Italy

My name is Danielle Picot, I am a Junior at the University of New Hampshire studying a Human Development and Family Studies major and Business Administration Minor. I will be spending the spring semester of 2020 continuing my studies in Florence, Italy at Lorenzo di Medici Institute through API. I also will be working in a local elementary school through an Education Internship, which I am the most excited for. My goal abroad is to visit as many new countries as possible, meet other students from around the world and document my experiences. Looking forward to sharing them with you!

Elizabeth “Lizz” Shrewsbury, Colorado State University student studying in Tuscania, Italy

I am a junior attending Colorado State University in Fort Collins, and am majoring in Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts with minors in Anthropology and Environmental Sustainability. I have been out of the country twice, once to Italy when I was 14 and another trip when I was 16 to England and France. Travel has always played a huge role in my family. Every year when we were younger my large extended family would travel to Florida and spend a week at the beach. We also visit our family who live in New York, D.C, Ohio, and Alaska. Family is a huge part of my life which is one reason why I have chosen Italy as my host country for study abroad. I have distant extended family that live in Rome and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to meet them! I am also Italian by heritage and have always wanted to learn more about Italian culture. I am so excited to be apart of the API Blogger program and to share my experiences. 

Gabriel Sayer, University of Hartford student studying in Florence, Italy

My name is Gabrielle Sayer. I am currently a junior at the University of Hartford.  I am studying Digital Media and Journalism. I am very excited to be the API blogger. I cannot wait to share with you my adventures throughout Italy.

Giuliana LaMarca, University of Alabama student studying in Florence, Italy

I’m a history major with a minor in Italian and biology at the University of Alabama! I come from a very Italian family, all my grandparents emigrated from Italy and I still have family in Sicily. I have a massive travel bug, my goal is to go somewhere new every weekend (although it’s very ambitious!) and I’ve really been interested in finding unique accommodations and experiences!

Grace Connelly, University of Alabama Student studying in Madrid, Spain

My name is Grace Connelly and I am a junior at the University of Alabama, originally from Chicago. I am studying International Business with minors in Spanish and Public Health. I have always loved to meet people from different backgrounds than myself which I why I love to travel. I want to go to law school after undergrad and one day work in the health policy field. In my free time, I love reading mystery novels and memoirs as well as watching sports, especially hockey. The opportunity to study in Madrid, improve my Spanish, and expand my worldview is something I cannot wait to share! 

Jordan Clouse, University of Vermont student studying in Thimpu, Bhutan

My name is Jordan Clouse, and I’m a junior at the University of Vermont. I’m a plant biology major and writing minor, and I’m going to be studying abroad in Thimphu, Bhutan this spring! I’m incredibly excited to go on this journey. My passions include everything outdoors, writing, exploring, meeting new people and hearing their stories, photography, music, and so much more. As a Colorado native, I’m elated to experience new, mountainous regions and see a culture so radically different from our own.

Katelyn Brown, Bowling Green State University student studying in Edinburgh, Scotland

When I first visited the University of Edinburgh while performing with a high school group at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, I fell in love. I always dreamed of going back but didn’t see a practical way to make it happen. Now, thanks to API, I’m going to be living my dream!

Lauren Rivera, San Diego State University Student studying in Florence, Italy

Hi, my name is Lauren Rivera and I am a junior at San Diego State University studying biology, psychology and nutrition. For the next four months, I will be studying abroad at Lorenzo Di Medici in Florence.When I visited Europe last summer, I absolutely fell in love with Florence, and I knew I had to come back. I love to explore new places, meet new people, and experience different cultures. I’m very excited to share my experience abroad through the API Blogger Program!

Lexi Lilly, University of Louisville student studying in Melbourne, Australia

I’m an undergraduate student studying Anthropology and Sustainability, and I’ve had a niche for travel ever since I was a kid.  I want to explore the world in order to learn about other cultures and hear the stories of individuals from around the globe. I hope that my experiences abroad will help communicate other individuals’ stories and encourage everyone to step out of their comfort zone and see new sights!

Miranda Perez, University of Texas at El Paso student studying in Madrid, Spain

I am 19 years old and I am currently a psychology major. I hope to attend medical school to become a dermatologist upon graduating. I enjoy being active such as being at the gym or being outside. My biggest passion is traveling which is why I have decided to study abroad. I hope to be able to record my experiences through videos to show my loved ones while abroad.

Naima Ahmed-Dukow, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee student studying in Rome, Italy

My name is Naima Ahmed-Dukow and I am a junior at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, and I’m majoring in Global Studies with a minor in French. In the spring semester I will be studying at John Cabot University, and I am super excited to start my new journey in Rome!! I am looking forward to make new memories and friends.

Sally Michaud, University of Rhode Island student studying in Florence, Italy

Hi everyone! My name is Sally Michaud and I am a sophomore at The University of Rhode Island. I am a Supply Chain Management major and in my future career plan on doing a lot of traveling which I am very excited about. I am originally from a small town in Rhode Island and love living right by the ocean. The ocean is a big part of my life and I spend a lot of my time there, whether that is being by myself, with friends and family or my dog walking down the beach. I am very lucky to have this experience because traveling has always been something I enjoyed doing. This opportunity will allow me to go on many exciting adventures and learn a lot about myself.  I have never lived in the city before, so living in Florence is going to be a big adventure for me and I am very excited to dive in and reflect on my experiences with blogging and vlogging. 

Samantha Verge, University of Vermont student studying in Florence, Italy

My name is Samantha Verge and I’m a junior studying Parks, Recreation, and Tourism and minoring in Public Communications at the University of Vermont. I’m from Beverly, Massachusetts, which is on the north shore. This spring, I’m studying at the Lorenzo de’Medici Institute in Florence, Italy and I could not be more excited! Traveling has always been a passion of mine and I’m planning on spending my weekends abroad exploring nearby countries. I’m also looking forward to the classes I’m taking (one of them being pairing food and wine) and I’m looking forward to immersing myself in the Italian culture as much as I can. I’m a total foodie, so I’m really excited to try some delicious Italian food. At the University of Vermont, I play rugby and I enjoy hiking, skiing, and trying all of the endless restaurants in the Burlington area. I can’t wait to start my study abroad experience and to blog about my travels!

Sierra Davis, College of William and Mary student studying in Florence, Italy

My name is Sierra Davis and I am a junior studying English and Studio Art/Art History at the College of William and Mary. I can be a bit of a homebody (or dormbody these days haha) but I’m always looking for opportunities to adventure and break out of my comfort zone. I have only left the country twice; however, I have visited just about every state and countless national parks! My favorite activities are hiking and eating all the food- of course.

Tanya Fiebert, Long Island University student studying in Lisbon, Portugal

My name is Tanya Fiebert and I am completing a second bachelor’s degree from Long Island University. I enjoy traveling, broadway and finding good vegetarian spots wherever I go.

Taylor Anderson, Framingham State University student studying in Seville, Spain

Hello! Or shall I say, Hola! My name is Taylor Anderson and I am a Junior English Major with a Minor in Communication Arts! I attend Framingham State University in Massachusetts! I love reading, writing creatively, and hanging out with friends! I knew before I even enrolled in college that I wanted to study abroad. I decided to study abroad with API because of all the great things that I have heard about the program. I also wanted to continue learning Spanish and what better way is there to learn than by studying abroad in Spain!

Victoria Donahue, Worcester State University student studying in  Seville, Spain

My name is Victoria Donahue, and I am so excited to be given this opportunity! I am from Boston, MA, and attend Worcester State University! I am currently majoring in occupational therapy with a minor in Spanish for health professionals. I caught the travel bug in high school when I went to Paris and Barcelona. Ever since leaving Barcelona, I knew I had to go back to Spain. I am studying abroad in Sevilla, and cannot be more excited! I am so excited to make new friends, try new foods, and to travel all around Europe. I know this is going to be the best experience of my life, and I cannot wait to share it with the world!


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