Study Spanish in Mendoza – API Program Spotlight

November 20, 2018

Mendoza, Argentina is best known for its charcoal-grilled meats and bustling wine industry. It’s also home to the Universidad de Congreso, and one of API’s amazing study abroad programs! Our Society, Development & Spanish Language program is a fantastic option for students who want a variety of classes and also want to hone in on their Spanish skills. In addition, this program includes internship opportunities, service-learning opportunities, AND an international excursion! You truly get the best of API’s services and resources when you enroll in this program. Here’s a little more about why we love it!

study abroad students in mendoza argentina

Enroll in both Spanish and English classes

Several studies have shown that fully immersing yourself in a language is the best way to pick it up! The Society, Development & Spanish Language Program allows some students to take classes alongside Argentinian students. Classes are taught in both Spanish and English. Although a language course is required, this program is open to all levels of Spanish speakers. Students take a language placement test to learn more about the best course options for them.

In addition to Spanish, students have plenty of options when it comes to other coursework. Some of the classes offered include Latin American Studies, International Relations, Ecology, Creative Writing, Viticulture & Tourism, and more.

Internship and volunteer opportunities

Students interested in more hands-on experience can choose to add an internship or volunteer opportunity to their program. Universidad de Congreso offers an internship course for students. In addition, students can volunteer in areas such as wildlife protection as well as helping at-risk youth. There are so many ways to get involved in Mendoza! API is here to help you find those opportunities and get signed up, if you so choose.

Spanish students riding horses in Mendoza, Argentina

A nature-lover’s paradise

Because Mendoza is home to some of the world’s most unique landscapes, this program is a truly fantastic option for anyone who likes nature! Our Resident Director, Rodrigo, takes students all over the area to see the best of Argentina’s outdoors. These trips include a therapeutic visit to the Cacheuta Thermal Baths (where you can try mud therapy and soak in a natural sauna!), as well as a hiking trip to the nearby Andes Mountains.

While on this program, some students also choose to travel to beautiful Iguazu Falls. Opportunities for sightseeing outside of API excursions are abundant, and students in this program tend to be adventurous. It is easy to find people willing to take fun weekend trips!

International excursion included in program cost!

A big concern for most students and their families is the cost of studying abroad. API is committed to remaining affordable while also giving students the best experience possible. While other study abroad providers may expect students to pay more if they want to visit other countries, API includes an international excursion to Santiago, Chile in the program cost. This is a really memorable excursion that many past students have said is their favorite part of the Mendoza program. It includes tours of Santiago plus a day trip (and paddle boarding, if the weather permits!) in nearby Valparaiso; a stunning town next to the Pacific Ocean.

Live with a host family

Students who enroll in our Mendoza program are also able to fully immerse themselves in Argentina’s culture by living with a host family during the semester. The families provide 3 meals per day and laundry service. Also included is internet access.

There is truly no better way to learn Spanish than to spend time in a Spanish-speaking country with local families! Some of our alumni have formed lifelong friendships with their host families. If you’re curious about what living with a host family is like, one of our current student bloggers has shared more of her experience.

Time is almost up to join us in Mendoza next semester! Applications are due December 1!

Want to learn more? Read more about our program or give us a call at 1-800-844-4124. We can’t wait to hear from you & we hope to see you next semester!


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