My Experience While Abroad: Kyle in Sydney

September 22, 2017

This post comes to us from Sydney study abroad student, Kyle. Kyle studied abroad in Australia from York College of Pennsylvania.

“Hello, my name is Kyle Bishop and I recently studied abroad in Sydney, Australia through Academic Programs International (API). I enjoyed going through the API program very much because of the experiences that they have scheduled for me. While in Australia I did several excursions, from going to the Great Barrier Reef to a championship rugby match. On all of the excursions I went on, I was always able to see a new part of Australia. I was continually mesmerized by the rich culture and history that Australia had to offer. If I did not learn about API I believe that my experience would have been dramatically different.

I first chose to go to Australia because my friends and I decided that it will be our best option. We then chose to go to Sydney because it was the most well-known city out of the other three cities offered. I studied at Macquarie University, where I was enrolled in three classes and one online course. The workload was manageable, with homework being to keep up with readings for the classes. About once a month an essay will be due, requiring a great deal of research.

While in Australia I was able to keep up with classes and go on excursions that are set aside for the study abroad students. Out of the several excursions, the one that I enjoyed the most was when API went to Cairns. The reason as to why I enjoyed the Cairns excursion is because I could see a different town in Australia and go to multiple trips while there. Out of all the trips that we experienced, the best excursion was when we saw the Great Barrier Reef. The best cultural activity was when we went to see Tjapukai, an Aboriginal tribe in Queensland. The Great Barrier Reef excursion was an all-day trip, and we got to see two different sites to snorkel. We saw a variety of fish and coral, giant clams, and we even found Nemo! Although the Tjapukai excursion was only a couple of hours, I enjoyed myself very much. I was able to interact and learn from an Aboriginal tribe and learned the meaning behind their dancing and the colored paint on their bodies.

If I were to give advice about the option of a study abroad experience in Australia, I would tell someone to seize the opportunity while they still have it. Studying abroad in Australia was an experience that not a lot of people can have. There are so many opportunities that Australia offers you. There are also just as many activities or landmarks to see. You even are given two weeks off for the break, which will allow you to go to neighboring countries. Studying in Australia is an experience that I will never forget and hopefully, one day will have the chance to return to!


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