[NEW PROGRAMS] Take a Maymester Abroad

December 2, 2019

Have you heard the great news? API is launching FIVE new Maymester programs for students in 2020! These programs are a great option for students looking to get the jump on a fantastic summer. Whether you’re a film student or a future engineer, take a look at where you can spend your May 2020 abroad below or click here to request more information! Applications are due February 1st!

Health Sciences & Shadowing in Costa Rica

Featuring a 36-hour supervised shadowing experience within the Costa Rican healthcare system, this program is ideal for students in pre-health or medical majors ranging from Nursing to Dentistry to Physical Therapy & more. This Maymester program is an amazing opportunity for anyone in health sciences to study abroad and gain experience that can be translated into their careers easily. Get real world experience in one of San Jose’s largest hospitals!

Maymester in Sicily (Syracuse)

Maymester students in Sicily have several course options, making this program a great fit for a wide variety of majors. Select from marine biology and environmental science, health and nutrition, immigration studies, or even volcanology! Syracuse offers a unique opportunity to study volcanology in Sicily. It includes field trips to sites including the Sicily’s active volcano – Mt. Etna.

Maymester Differential Equations in Seville 

Ideal for Engineering, Science or Math majors, this intensive three-week program offers Engineering, Math, and many Science majors the option to take one of their core course requirements, Differential Equations, in beautiful Seville, Spain at the historic Universidad de Sevilla – in English! This program allows students who want to get ahead in their major requirements over the summer, have a lighter course load their prior Spring semester, or even for those who might have fallen behind, the chance to do so in Spain, with NO prior Spanish knowledge necessary.

Maymester Film Studies in Rome

Students who choose to study abroad in Rome with API at Lorenzo de’ Medici – the Italian International Institute (LdM) for a Maymester will take a course covering Italian film. This course offers students a unique lens in which to study Italian culture from its origins to the present day through the medium of film. This program also includes an excursion through beautiful Tuscany!

Maymester in Croatia (Dubrovnik)

Maymester students will take one course from a variety of fields including hospitality and tourism, diplomacy and political studies, and international business. Dubrovnik’s unique diplomatic and economic history makes it the perfect location to pursue the study of international affairs. Considered a very walkable city, Dubrovnik is a great place for students.

Why choose a Maymester?

Maymester programs are great fits for students whose spring semester ends a bit early. It’s also a great program option for students who are studying abroad in the summer and want to add more to their experience! If you’re interested in learning more about API’s Maymester programs, click here to request more information!


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