Paris to Florence Summer Program: Interview

April 6, 2018

API students have an unprecedented opportunity to learn from some of the best fashion and design minds in the world through study in this traveling program between Paris and Florence. Students begin in Paris at Parsons Paris – The New School, and then continue on to finish the program in Florence at Polimoda. We had the chance to interview Danilo Venturi, the Director of Polimoda about the Paris to Florence summer program:

What is the working and learning environment like?

Luxury Design Management is a summer course based on the essence of luxury, rooted in culture, craftsmanship, quality, heritage, and management. The course is run by resident teachers and guest lecturers from the industry. Enriched by field trips to luxury fashion companies and production sites in the Florence and Paris Areas. Students will meet new peers and exchange ideas and learning experiences amongst each other. Each individual will have the opportunity to broaden their insight into the industry, as well as work on a project to be presented at the end of the course.

What is a typical day in class like?

Given that students will be in two different learning environments, namely Paris and Florence, no day will be alike. This will add to the richness of experience, as students will constantly be mentally stimulated and exhilarated by the change in environment, lectures, teachers and skill set which they will have the opportunity to explore. Polimoda and Parsons have among the best lecturers in the industry. Polimoda specifically prides itself on having teachers which all have industry experience and knowledge. This gives students a very real insight into the working world of fashion, as well as hands-on information and teachings.

What kinds of unique learning experiences will a student have by participating in this program?

Throughout the course, the students will receive instructions and tutorship to work on a Project, keeping written and visual track of their research on the essence of luxury. The Project will be presented at the end of the course and will become part of their portfolio. The course will combine classroom lectures, discussion sessions, interactive hands-on materials and workshops, field trips and the development and presentation of a Project.

What advice would you give to a student considering the Parsons Paris/ Polimoda Paris to Florence summer program?

Summer is arguably the best time to visit both Paris and Florence. Both cities open up and bustle with renewed energy, exhibitions, events and attracts people from all over the world. The prestige of this experience adds to the already rich learning experience of the coursework. Picture the beauty and splendor of spending a summer enriching your mind with new knowledge, new experiences, and new cities. Students will be able to meet and make friends from all over the globe, which could be useful in forming their professional and personal network.

What are the benefits of participating in a traveling program?

Culturally speaking, the benefits are huge. Students will be able to travel across continents and absorb both French and Italian culture which is at the heart of two of the most globally renowned luxury fashion capitals. In addition to this, the diversity of information and learning experiences is really unique in that Polimoda and Parsons are both ranked amongst the best fashion schools in the world. This allows students to learn and gain from the best that the fashion education industry has to offer. The ability to travel, meet new people and acquire new knowledge allows students to have a local and global perspective in their approach to the fashion industry. This is something which in many respects is incomparably valuable.

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