Planner or Procrastinator: There’s an API Program for You

April 4, 2024
api program for you

Are you the type of person who meticulously plans out every detail, or do you thrive on spontaneity and last-minute decisions? Your planning style might not only shape your daily routine but also influence significant life choices, like selecting a study abroad program. Here we’ll help you uncover your planning persona and suggest study abroad opportunities that align with your preferences!

Do you start projects the day before the deadline?

  1. No, I usually like to get an early start.
  2. Yes, I often work best under pressure.

When making social plans, which do you prefer?

  1. I’m all about planning ahead! I like to lock in plans at least a week before.
  2. I prefer to keep my options open to pick whatever sounds the most fun in the moment. 

How do you handle unexpected changes to your plans?

  1. I prefer to have backup plans ready just in case, so I can adapt smoothly to any surprises. 
  2. I don’t mind unexpected changes! I’m flexible and ready to roll with whatever life throws my way.

How do you organize your schedule?

  1. I use a calendar/organizer/lists to map out my plans in advance.
  2. I tend to go with the flow, and keep track of things in my head or with minimal planning tools. 

When it comes to trying new foods, what’s your approach?

  1. I like to research restaurants and cuisines beforehand, making reservations and reading reviews. 
  2. I’m all about exploring! I love to wander and try whatever looks interesting at the moment.

What’s your approach to budgeting for expenses?

  1. I create my budget, tracking expenses and saving in advance to cover all costs during my travels.
  2. I prefer to have a general idea of how much I’ll need and then go with the flow, adjusting as needed along the way.

How do you typically pack for a trip?

  1. I make a detailed packing list weeks in advance and start packing early to ensure I don’t forget anything.
  2. I’ll follow a packing list, but I won’t fill my suitcase until the night before. 

If you scored less than 8, you’re a Super Planner!

Your knack for planning extends to every aspect of your life, and you flourish by keeping things organized. 

There’s great news for planners like you! In addition to our Spring 2025 programs already posted and ready for you to apply to, API is also soon to launch our programs for the next several years out! Holy Preparation, Batman! 

Perhaps the best news of all? API rewards Super Planners like you with our Early Bird scholarship for our Spring 2025 programs! Early Bird Scholarship applications are accepted for spring programs between June 1 and July 31, 2024. Get out there and get the proverbial worm! 

If you scored between 8 and 12, you’re a Sporadic Planner!

You appreciate both the structure of planning and the spontaneity of living in the moment. You strike a harmonious balance between preparedness and adaptability, making you versatile in navigating various situations. 

For the Sporadic Planner, we recommend some of our short term programs, which require some planning, but not as much as our semester programs. Check out our Jan Term programs, which often fit perfectly in students’ winter breaks, as well as our short term programs, such as these language intensives

Still not ringing true for you? Check out the recommendations above and below – since you’re a little of both, one of the Super Planner or Super Spontaneous lists might appeal to you more!

If you scored more than 12, you’re Super Spontaneous!

You view spontaneity as the zest of life, and you thrive on the excitement of last-minute adventures. As the life of the party, you’re not one to stress over unexpected twists in the road. 

Programs for you might include some that are coming up this summer, but you’ll have to move fast to avoid FOMO! Check out these summer programs that are still open, as well as our summer internships – deadlines looming!

Perhaps even better, consider our “no visa required” fall programs where you’ll get to apply late and skip the red tape associated with securing a student visa! 

We hope this post will help all of you find the right API program for you, but if you need more help, please feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have: [email protected]


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