Scottish Parliamentary Program in Edinburgh [API Program Spotlight]

August 29, 2019

By: API Marketing Intern Alexis Smith

Did you know that the first Scottish Parliament was established in 1235? 784 years later, of course, parliamentary procedures look a little different. Are you curious as to how Scottish Parliament functions nowadays? You’re in luck! Today we’re spotlighting the Scottish Parliamentary Program in Edinburgh.

Study at one of Scotland’s most prestigious universities

The University of Edinburgh is a well-renowned and highly acclaimed university, scoring 6th place in recent rankings of the United Kingdom’s best universities as well as holding the title of the 27th best university in the world. It boasts the largest history department in the United Kingdom—a feature that will surely impress students in their pursuit to understand Scottish and British politics in the past and present. At the University of Edinburgh, students in the Scottish Parliamentary Program will study topics such as the evolution of Scottish society and culture, the structure of the Scottish government, and the modern public policy-making process in Scotland. 

Get to know Scotland through amazing excursions

With API, there’s no reason to spend all your time abroad cooped up in a classroom. Get to know Scotland firsthand through trips to places like Stirling, the ancient capital of Scotland, and Hadrian’s Wall, an incredible artifact from the days of the Roman Empire! Students can look for the Loch Ness monster, visit the ruins of the St Andrews Castle, and enter the fairy kingdom of the Isle of Skye. Be sure to take the time to explore a country with a rich and fascinating history!

Intern with the Scottish Parliament

After students finish their academic courses, they are individually assigned to a Member of Scottish Parliament (MSP). In order to help the MSP with their work, each student then conducts a research project on a topic agreed upon by both the student and the MSP. Past projects include:

  • Beyond the Numbers: Female Representation in the Scottish Parliament
  • Business and Educational Achievements by the Scottish Executive and their Communication
  • Class Size isn’t Everything: A Study of Class Size Reduction Policy in Scotland
  • Comparative Analysis between American and Scottish Election Campaigns
  • Suicide in Scotland: The Need for a Hotline
  • A Study of Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC) in Scotland
  • Connecting with Young People: Labour Approaches to Democratic Engagement through the Scottish Parliament

This incredible program is highly selective. Be sure to apply as early as possible in order to take advantage of this unique opportunity!

Applications for the Scottish Parliamentary Program are due October 15th. Click here to get started!


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