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December 4, 2018
API students in Salamanca Spain

This might surprise you, but it’s not too late to study abroad next year! At API, we know that student’s schedules and commitments vary greatly, and not everyone can afford the time or money needed to spend an entire semester abroad. That’s why we offer several short-term and intensive programs at some of our amazing study abroad destinations.

API students in Salamanca Spain

Choose from two-week, three-week, or month-long programs

Depending on which location you study abroad in, students can choose from two-week, three-week, or month-long programs. A good example of a location offering all three options is Salamanca, Spain. If you’re looking for a study abroad experience but don’t have a ton of time, the two-week option is a great one! For students wanting to immerse themselves in a foreign language, the month-long programs may be better suited for your needs. It all depends on your schedule and what YOU want to get out of your study abroad adventure.

What classes are offered in short-term and intensive programs?

One of the biggest benefits of these programs is that some offer intensive, focused coursework. Whether you’re a pre-med or nursing student who wants to learn more about Healthcare in the UK, or a French or International Studies major wanting to learn more about French culture, there are ample opportunities to find classes specific to your needs and interests.

We recommend making a list! Write down the dates you’re available to study abroad as well as what’s important to you (developing language skills? Taking a specific class? Living with a host family? Studying in an outdoor-oriented city?). You can then plug that information in to our program finder to help you narrow down the best short-term program for your needs.

Hundreds of sheep getting corralled through the streets of Annecy on the Transhumance (the bringing of livestock down from the mountains for the winter season)

See more of the world with API

Don’t let the words “short-term” fool you! Here at API, we are committed to making sure your time abroad is filled with rich cultural activities. Some of our intensive programs also include excursions to the area surrounding your host city.

Even if you’re only spending two weeks abroad, our Resident Directors are full of suggestions to help you take full advantage of your time. They’re also available to help with any emergencies or situations you may run into during your time abroad.

Not sure where to begin?

Give API a call at 800-844-4124 or visit our website where you can chat with someone (yes, someone! No chat bots here!) about what you’re looking for. We can’t wait to see you abroad in 2019!





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