So you want to intern abroad in Scotland… you’ve got options!

March 1, 2017

API offers nearly a half-dozen distinct opportunities for interning abroad in Scotland… with so many options, how do you select the right one for you? What follows is a brief explanation of the available options to help you select the program that is right for you!

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Parliamentary Semester and Summer Internship Programs – run in conjunction with the University of Edinburgh, these programs give students the option to intern with the Scottish Parliament, while taking courses at the University to supplement their learning experience. Students can expect to earn up to 17 credits for a semester internship, or up to 13 credits for a summer internship.

Edinburgh Fixed and flex date internships run through API’s internship division, participants on these programs have the option to choose from an 8-week fixed date internship (offered 4 times throughout the year), or to create their own flex date program (offered throughout the year). Placements are available in a wide variety of fields, from business to NGOs, from environmental to sports, from social services to public service. Participants can elect to receive academic credit on the fixed date internships for an additional fee.

Edinburgh Summer “Business in the Arts” Internship Course – run through the University of Edinburgh,  this course (worth 7.5 credits) helps students acquire an understanding of the nature, structure, and workings of contemporary business organizations in the arts and creative industries, and the management processes that take place within them. Through the use of guest speakers, case studies, simulations, and visits, the course will focus on the application of business practice in organizations operating in the arts and culture sector.

Stirling Summer Internship Course – This exciting opportunity, run in partnership with the Career Development Centre at the University of Stirling, will give students opportunities to carry out four-week internships in a number of sectors in the Stirling area. These sectors may include sports, environmental science, politics, charity / non-profit and marketing, though this list is subject to change. Students must also attend the first session in order to participate in the second session internship.

To learn more about these various internship options in Scotland, visit the API website or call us at 1-800-844-4124.


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