Study Spanish Language & Culture in Granada [API Program Spotlight]

September 6, 2019
api study abroad students smiling in granada spain

So you want to study abroad in Spain! Now that you’ve made your first decision, your next question should be: WHERE in Spain will you study abroad? Every city boasts its own unique history, architecture and beauty, which means it can be hard to narrow down where you want to live! Today we’re diving in to the gorgeous mid-sized city of Granada, and API’s Spanish Language and Culture Program!

Home to the pearl of Andalusia & city of the free tapas

Granada is home to the Alhambra, a mesmerizing red-clay palace with roots stretching back to the 13th century. Constructed on the ruins of Roman fortifications, it was transformed into a royal palace in 1333 by Granada’s then-Sultan, Yusuf I. Across from Alhambra lies the Albaicín, one of Spain’s best preserved Arab settlements, the last Moorish neighborhood, and an area UNESCO declared a monument to humanity. Needless to say, there is no shortage of history and beauty within Granada!

Granada’s nickname is “the city of free tapas,” which is a nickname many API alumni discover rings true once they arrive. The afternoon is for hosting friends and family and eating small appetizers called tapas. Restaurants across Granada offer tapas, too. Whether you choose to live with a host family or with other international students, you’ll experience the culture of tapas soon enough! You may even experience a bit of “positive culture shock”; while most Americans eat 20% of their meals in the car and on the go, Spaniards take time to slow down, eat and socialize with loved ones.

Study at the Universidad de Granada, a bustling campus in operation since 1531

Through its almost 500 years of existence, the Universidad de Granada has become known as a major intellectual center in southern Spain. The campus, nestled in the heart of the city, sees a high population of students; both local and international. You’ll find ample opportunities to meet people from around the world!

An added bonus: this program is also open to gap year students!

api study abroad students smiling in granada spain

Open to Spanish speakers of all levels

API offers programs for Spanish speakers of all levels. When you arrive on site, the University will give you a Spanish language test, placing you in the program best suited to your needs; from beginning to intermediate to advanced! Students can select their elective courses based on whether they’d like the classes to be taught in English or Spanish. Examples of elective courses include Islamic Culture in Spain, The Political Systems of Spain and the EU, Traditional Song and Spanish Society, Contemporary Spain in the Media and more!

In addition, API also offers a Semester Intensive Spanish Language Studies program.

Internship Program for Foreign Students

For Spanish speakers who test in the high intermediate or low advanced levels, internship opportunities are available! The Internship Program for Foreign Students (PPEE) places students in professional internships across a wide range of institutions. As part of your internship, you can expect to take part in field work, a group seminar, interviews with an internship tutor, and a written project and presentation at the end of the term.

This option will add on 45 contact hours (approximately 3 U.S. credits) of internship credit. However, if you’d like to extend your internship further, you can take up to 120 contact hours of internship credit for an additional fee.

Amazing excursions included in your program cost

While other providers may charge added fees for international excursions, API’s semester programs include an international excursion in your program cost! Fall students visit Paris while spring students visit Rome. API also includes excursions across Spain in your program. Visit the “City of the Three Cultures” Toledo, El Escorial, Madrid and more!

Other activities you can count on being included with your API program: city tours, Flamenco dance classes, Spanish cooking experiences, Flamenco shows, Spanish movies, volunteering options, Arab Tiles painting workshops and more!

Choose the best housing option for you!

API students in Granada have three options when it comes to housing during their program. Live with a host family, in a Residencia or in a shared apartment with other students. Here’s a look at the differences:

Host families are an amazing opportunity for immersing yourself in Spain’s language and culture. Typically, students will share a double room with a fellow API student and are provided three meals per day plus laundry service. Our host families come from a wide variety of backgrounds and include young families, a divorced or widowed woman, and families with older children who no longer live at home. Students can opt for a single room for an additional fee.

Residencias are another great option for diving in to the Spanish culture as it places students with Spanish and international students. Residencias are not like American “dorms”, but rather, they are arranged more like traditional boarding houses and are usually co-ed. Students may share a room and a common bathroom. Everyone has access to the common living and TV areas, and internet access. Three meals/day are included in a common dining hall (at specified dining times), laundry service or facilities are available and regular cleaning provided. 

Finally, there is the shared apartment option. Shared apartments may be run by dorms or families. In some cases, a family member may share the apartment. This option places students with other international students studying in Granada.

Ready to get started on your application?

The deadline to apply for our Spanish Language and Culture Program is October 15th! Visit our website or give us a call at 800-844-4124 if you have any questions!


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