Summer in Krakow – API Program Spotlight

April 6, 2019

Summer in Krakow is a wonderful time. The temperature is an average 72 or so degrees F (52C), and there’s countless festivals and events going on across the city; from the Summer Arts Festival to Jubinale to the Midsummer Festival. Year-round, Krakow is a city filled with history. Being centrally located in Europe, it’s a hub for religious history, art history, military history and more. Let’s dive in to our summer program in Krakow at Jagiellonian University!

Summer in Krakow Poland

Learn Polish alongside international students

Did you know more than 40 million people around the world speak Polish? Whether you’re interested in international relations or art history, learning learning Polish is a first step towards opening up a big world after college.

API’s Polish Language and Culture Summer Program includes one Polish language course. Students complete a placement test when they arrive to determine the best fit for them. From beginning to advanced, ALL of these courses are taught in Polish, which like Integrated Studies courses, provides an immersive way to learn a second language.

Study religious, art, military history & more

The majority of these courses are taught in English, providing students a chance to really dive in to a specific subject. Course offerings for our Summer 2019 program include:

  • Polish Culture: Lessons in Polish Literature
    • With 1,000+ years of history, Poland has dealt with some of the world’s most interesting problems. Out of these events and time periods has come amazing literary masterpieces! Study poetry, including the works of two Nobel Prize winners, as well as Polish Romanticism; culture in a political context; literature and totalitarianism and more.
  • The Jews in Poland
    • Passover is almost here, and whether or not you celebrate, there is no denying the influence the Jewish faith and culture has had the world! This course will familiarize students with the long and glorious history of Jewish communities in Poland, from its beginnings to today.
  • Polish Film
    • Watch some of the most outstanding Polish films (from the classics of Andrzej Wajda to more recent releases) and talk about them with students from around the world. Compare your perceptions with the perception from someone completely different from you. This class aids students in understanding how various film genres make meaning.
  • History of Poland: From Kingdom to the Third Republic
    • This course offers a survey of Polish history from the Piast dynasty through the period of Jagiellonian rule. In addition, students study 123 years of partitioned Poland, World War II, the collapse of the communist system and more. If you really want to expand your world view, studying Poland is a great place to start!
My Girlfriend and I in Poland

Why choose API? Epic excursions, great food and adventures, all during your summer in Krakow!

Our resident directors are available 24/7 while you’re in Krakow. Whether you need directions or something more serious like a doctor, our on-site staff is here to help.

We also take students on excursions as part of their program cost! It’s safe to say that our excursions for summer 2019 in Krakow are AMAZING. Visit Auschwitz, and learn more about the dark history of the Holocaust (and why it’s important we never forget). In addition, you’ll travel to Warsaw, which is a truly historic city! Established as Poland’s capital in 1596, the city was destroyed in World War II and has been painstakingly rebuilt since that time. It’s also the home of Marie Curie, so that’s pretty cool too!

API is with you before and after your program, too

From the moment you apply to the moment you leave for Poland, you’ll have a program coordinator on hand to help you get your paperwork done. We’re here to answer any questions you may have! In addition, we love keeping in touch with our alumni! While other program providers may lose contact with you after the program is over, we work hard to maintain an alumni community and also have a Global Leadership Academy to help you make the most of your study abroad experience.

Interested in spending your summer in Krakow? Applications are due April 15th!

Visit our website or give us a call at 800-844-4124. We’ll help you get finished up on time!


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