Summer School in Irish Studies – API Program Spotlight

May 1, 2019

It’s not too late to study abroad this summer! We’ve extended the deadline for our Summer School in Irish Studies program in Galway to May 13th! This program at the National University of Ireland is a fantastic fit for students interested in history, Gaelic, nature, emigration and more.

Take the leap into Galway!

Course offerings

From movies to archaeology, there are lots of amazing and interesting classes for students to choose from. Let’s start with Irish History: This course dives into the different peoples who became permanent settlers in Ireland over the centuries. In addition, lectures focus on how each of these populations has contributed to the development of what we picture when we think of “Ireland” today.

Gaelic Culture & Literature is another fantastic option for students looking to learn more about this part of the world. Gaelic literature is the oldest vernacular literature in Western Europe. This course traces its development and cultural context from earliest times to the present day.

This program is a great fit for people who enjoy writing. Creative Writing: Poetry and Fiction offers a workshop for students to focus on the genre they want to emphasize, engaging in experimentation, writing and rewriting under the supervision of the directors and the faculty. Students can also enroll in the course Representing Ireland Literature and Film, where students study a wide range of media including fiction, poetry, drama and film. Explore the contrast between city and country, the politics of theatre, gender identity and the meaning of Irish nationality.

Other course options include Negotiating Identity in Irish Music and Dance, Introduction to Art in Ireland, Irish Society, and Archaeology of Ireland.

API interns smiling Cliffs of Moher in Dublin

Explore Ireland through a series of field trips

Traveling through Ireland is a must-do when you’re there! Luckily, in addition to interdisciplinary seminars and traditional coursework, the National University of Ireland also takes students on a series of field trips. All are designed to complement the courses taught in the various modules and is an integral element in the overall program structure.

API will take you even further!

As part of your program cost, our on-site staff in Galway will take you on excursions across the island. Explore Dingle, a fishing village renowned for its panoramic landscape views. Visit the Aran Islands on the very edge of Europe, where you’ll truly see “Gaelic Ireland”. Finally, we’ll take you to Connemara, a mountainous area filled with Irish character. From old castles and abbeys to cottages and lakes, this gorgeous place will have you fall head over heels for Ireland!

Live with Irish and other international students

Our housing options in Galway place students in apartments that are about a 20-minute walk to campus. Each apartment generally consists of 3-5 double bedrooms, a shared living area and a kitchen. Each bedroom has a private bathroom. API students can share an apartment alongside Americans or other international students, and some are also placed with Irish classmates.

Explore one of the world’s most beautiful places with API!

As we mentioned, application deadlines have been extenteded to May 13th. Give us a call at 800-844-4124 or visit for help finishing up that application!


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