Teach Abroad Reflections: Jacquie in Thailand

April 17, 2017

Teaching abroad has made such a tremendous difference in my life: An API alum’s reflections while teaching in Thailand

Are you currently studying abroad or recently returned? Do you just know deep down that you’re not even close to done exploring yourself within a unique cultural context? Meet Jacquie, an API Study Abroad alum who was initially impacted by her study abroad experience in France and made a promise to herself that she would expand her experiences abroad beyond college. Jacquie was drawn to reach far out of her comfort zone and seek a teaching position in Thailand.

If the moment is approaching for you to plan your next step upon graduation, read on to learn about how Jacquie came to making this big decision to teach abroad, how she managed to balance following her dream with the anxieties of paying back her student loans and her overall perceptions of the teaching placement in Thailand.

Hey, it must be amazing since she just recently extended her stay to teach for another term!

Read her blog here!


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