Universidad San Francisco de Quito – API Program Spotlight

October 9, 2018

Quito, Ecuador remains one of API’s “hidden gem” program destinations. From service learning to internships, there are so many options here for students wanting to boost their study abroad experience. Immersing yourself in the culture and language has never been easier; all programs with Universidad San Francisco de Quito offer courses with local students, either in Spanish or English!

Cathedral in Quito, Ecuador A little more about what to expect at USFQ:

Integrated Liberal Arts Program

API & USFQ offer an integrated liberal arts program year-round. Because classes are taught in both English and Spanish, students should feel comfortable with the Spanish language (we offer placement tests to help students know where they stand). Classes include biology, anthropology, law, history, social justice, urban planning and more!

Summer Government Internship Program

What better way to stand out on a job application than by interning internationally? Students receive 3 credits and also have the priceless opportunity to intern in a government office! Placements include Quito’s Tourism Office, Department of Environment, the Mayor’s Office, Ministry of Health, and MORE! Because this program is entirely in Spanish, it is only open to intermediate, advanced and superior level Spanish speakers.

Latitude Zero: Ecuador Research Initiative

International students can also take part in a research project in conjunction with a USFQ faculty member. Students who take on this additional option will do so in conjunction with regular USFQ classes. Five students are selected each fall and spring semester.

Shelby Willburn, volunteer in Santiago, Chile, with her class.

Volunteer Add-On Options

Make the very most of your study abroad experience with a volunteer add-on program! These take place a minimum of two weeks before or after the semester. Volunteers work in child welfare, teaching/tutoring, wildlife conservation, environment/ecology, or social justice!

What to Expect Living in Quito

Students who study abroad with API live with host families. These families provide 3 meals per day and laundry service. This is another great opportunity for students to immerse themselves in Ecuador’s culture and language. API also takes students on several excursions during the semester. Visit the beautiful Amazonas, Puerto Lopez, Cotopaxi and more! Some of our alumni’s favorite activities include walking tours of Quito and taking a cooking class.

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