Why Costa Rica

June 2, 2017

This post comes to us from our partner institution in San Jose, Costa Rica: ICDS (International Center for Development Studies) that you can learn about here:

Once you have made up your mind to Study Abroad, and are planning for an experience that will enrich your personal and academic life, there is a key question: Where should I go?

We recommend Costa Rica!

Costa Rica is proud of its commitment to tackling social challenges and promoting environmental sustainability. This includes efforts to, eliminate the gender wage gap, provide universal healthcare and obtain its energy from renewable energy sources.

That amazing country is Costa Rica; the country that’s home to the Pura Vida culture.

Costa Rica is still working hard to secure sustainable human development making it an ideal place for you to grasp an understanding of the quest of a small country for sustainability and social justice.

The challenges that Costa Rica has overcome, and those that are being dealt with, create the perfect stage for you to discover what works best towards improving the world we live in while broadening your personal and cultural boundaries.

If you want to be challenged and still enjoy studying abroad in a peaceful and beautiful environment, Costa Rica is your place through ICDS. Let us help you expand your horizons as a global citizen!


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