Why We Love Going Abroad

February 14, 2017

Love is in the air and we’re celebrating our forever love- going abroad! These are just a few of the reasons we love going to study, work, teach, intern, volunteer and explore abroad!

  1. We Love Languages: Being abroad gives you the chance to communicate in a new way! Whether it be by practicing a totally new language, picking up local slang, or stumbling through a new dialect, being abroad is all about stepping outside of your communication comfort zone. Check out some language learning tips from Fall blogger, Sarah Nichols in her blog post titled “5 Tips for Learning French” http://blog.apiabroad.com/on-site/5-tips-for-learning-french/
  2. We Love New Food: When traveling away from home there are innumerable opportunities to taste test new food. Cooking staples you love in a new way, diving into a favorite local dish, and trying all of the foods, can transform something as seemingly simple as a meal into the next big adventure. Learn about API student, Leah’s adventures in cooking, during her study abroad year in Sevilla, Spain.  http://blog.apiabroad.com/on-site/cooking-in-sevilla/
  3. We Love New Friends (and friends that feel like family!): While the initial goodbyes after time spent abroad can be tough, is there anything better than having friends to visit all over the world? This reflection from Global Leader, and Seville student, Theresa expresses that beautiful bond she feels with classmates, her host family, and friends made along the way.
  4. We Love Giving Back in New Places: API is proud of our “API Gives Back” projects occurring at our host sites all over the world. API is committed to finding opportunities for our students to contribute to the communities in which they are living and learning abroad. Each semester, many API on-site directors organize an “API Gives Back Project” to promote greater understanding of local dynamics and provide further insight into the host culture. The API Gives Back Project may be an ongoing volunteer opportunity or a one-day commitment. Projects are often dedicated to supporting those in need or promoting environmental sustainability. You can read about Fall program highlights here:
  5. We Love Gaining New Perspectives: Spending time away from what you know and what you’re used to can help you to see the world in a new light. Check out this post from Rome student, Rebecca Lester on how her time abroad helped her to see part of her world as art.

What do you love about going abroad? 


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