Your Questions Answered: General FAQs

October 6, 2022
study abroad questions

As you apply for your study abroad program, we know the application process may bring up all kinds of questions. No worries! Here are some of our most common questions we receive about studying abroad. 

What forms have to be submitted by the application deadline?

You’ll need to complete all of the forms labeled, “Onboarding Step 1 Forms.” This includes your university approval form! 

Did you receive my form?

In some cases, a green check may appear, but your Program Coordinator may still be reaching out to you about it. Often, this is because the upload that you provided needs some kind of correction. Please make sure to read all emails from your Program Coordinator very carefully!

I absolutely need a specific course to graduate. Can you guarantee that I’ll get my first course choices?

Unfortunately, API cannot 100% guarantee certain courses. Sometimes there are scheduling conflicts or course cancellations. That’s why it’s important to have alternatives approved and ready. We recommend finishing your Onboarding Step 1 Forms early to improve your chances of securing the courses you need!

When should I book my flight?

Great question! After you’ve finished all your Onboarding Step 1 Forms and confirmed your participation, you will gain access to a Travel Arrangements form that specifies when and where you should arrive. Use that information to book your flight!

Does API provide airport pickup?

Yes, we do! However, you need to arrive in the window provided by your Program Coordinator. For more information, check your Travel Arrangements form, and do not book travel before you are clear about the pick-up window!

What happens if I arrive early?

You will need to make your own arrangements to meet up with the group. This may require a night in a hotel or transportation to the designated meeting spot. Unfortunately, you cannot check into your housing early.

How do you determine roommate/housemate assignments?

We ask all students to fill out a detailed housing questionnaire where you’ll answer questions that cover all kinds of topics, like are you a night owl/early bird or do you like animals. All of this will help inform our housing arrangements!

Can I choose a roommate/housemate?

We cannot guarantee any housemate or roommate requests, but you are able to make a request as part of your housing questionnaire. Requests must be mutual, so be sure to talk to each other in advance!

With this information, we hope you feel more confident in your application process. If you have additional questions, you can use the chat feature on our website from 9AM to 6PM CT Monday–Friday. Other ways to reach us: send an email to [email protected] or fill out this form to reach out to our team. For more details on visas, passports, financial aid, or GPA requirements, check out these other frequently asked questions. If you’re ready to get started, you can use our program finder to find the experience abroad that is best for you!


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