Interning Abroad: Alex’s Experience in England

September 15, 2022
interning abroad

From differentiating your resume to gaining valuable hands-on experience, there are many advantages to interning abroad. With API’s intern abroad experiences, you can experience all of the benefits! We spoke to an API Alum, Alex Breitling, who interned with API in England. Alex is currently an Oklahoma State University graduate student studying Educational Leadership. Read more about his experience below!

Describe your typical day at work. What are you currently working on? 

The fun thing about working here is the fact there are no typical days! However, each day is typically filled with heavy student interaction via online platforms or in-person. The students are sponges and are soaking in so much of their experience which has been great to witness. 

My duties are vast and ostensibly no task is outside of my realm of work. I am currently helping the team prepare for the Summer II Session students to arrive in early July by confirming their flight details and room assignments. I also have been able to implement my own dialogue program which has been a fun tool for students to engage with and make meaning of their ways of knowing. 

Could you see yourself having a future career in this industry? What are you learning?

Yes. My passions and career goals are student development and facilitating growth in university students. I am learning how to best serve students from a myriad backgrounds and identities. 

While most of the students here are based in the Indiana area, there are students from all corners of the United States that I am actively working and learning with. I am also learning skills in time management and flexibility. Because the Manor is such a massive place, issues arise, and I have learned to enter each day with a smile and a ‘can do’ attitude.

Have you taken any cool trips on your weekends off? Established any new friendships?

I have really enjoyed traveling, and I’ve seen some incredible places in central England. I just recently took a trip to Venice, and have a trip planned for Greece. My colleagues have become good friends. The work environment is so refreshing, happy, and regularly exciting.

What expectations did you have going into this experience? 

I came to England with a superficial understanding of the people that live here. I have so much more knowledge on British culture and how British people have come to know life. It is so fascinating to watch people from a completely different culture interact. I have unequivocally learned so much in just a month. I tried not to come in with any preconceived notions, but rather come in with a lens of learning that has helped me seek to understand a different way of life.

Picture Yourself Interning Abroad in England

You’ve heard Alex’s experience, and now it’s your turn; England is waiting for you! This specific internship is no longer available, but check out these other great locations where you can intern abroad in England. 


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