Less Risk
API's professional staff specialize in minimizing risk through careful pre-departure planning and preparation. Once abroad, on-the-ground support is available to students and faculty leaders. Resident directors and coordinators are ready to enact emergency action plans whenever necessary. Extensive insurance protection, including emergency evacuation, ensures that additional professional support is readily available should circumstances call for it.

Less Hassle
Partnering with API is a great way to minimize the logistical coordination that must be handled by your institution. From the initial brainstorming to the post-program evaluations, API will take care of the administrative details for you. Your program can benefit from the on-site expertise of our API Resident Directors or our on-site partner organizations and you can avoid the challenge of making all on-site preparations.

More Options
API is pleased to offer destinations in Asia, Australia, Europe, Latin America, and New Zealand. We can provide a wide range of volunteer and service-oriented programs to complement the traditional classroom experience.

How to Get Started

1) U.S. Faculty-Led
A faculty member from your institution teaches the course(es), and API makes all logistical arrangements.

2) Host Country Faculty Instruction
API arranges for host country faculty to teach specific courses to your students and API takes care of all of the logistical arrangements.

3) Combination of #1 and #2
API arranges for a faculty member from your institution and host country faculty to teach the courses while taking care of all of the other logistical arrangements.

4) Incorporate into an Already Existing API Program
If an already existing API program meets your needs, your institution simply “adopts” the program and offers it to your students. This program model can often be run more affordable than creating your own and does not necessarily have to be led by a faculty member from your university.

5) Traveling Program
A U.S. faculty-led, host country faculty taught, or combination, that takes place in more than one location.

6) Exchange, Direct-Enrollment, and Managed Programs Supported by API
API provides customized support services for U.S. institutions who may maintain existing exchange, direct enrollment, and university-managed programs in any of our current API college study abroad program sites. This model is helpful for U.S. universities who desire to provide their students with more student support on-site but do not have faculty or administrators who accompany the students abroad. Services include: accommodation, on-site support by an API Resident Director, emergency response action plans, on-site cultural and safety orientation, airport reception and return, welcome and farewell meals, local metro/transportation pass, excursions and cultural activities, visa and pre-departure support, online forms collection, marketing materials, medical and life insurance (including medical evacuation and repatriation) option, cell phone rental and discount calling package option.

7) Short-Term Community-Based Programs
API designs community-based customized programs which allow students to collaborate with locals, learn about the socio-political systems behind social issues and understand how organizers of local projects respond to them. API programs offer the resources and space for students to observe, critically reflect on their daily experiences, learn from inspirational agents of change within the community and ultimately engage in local projects. We strive to support participants’ understanding of societal issues and use this knowledge upon returning home to contribute to causes within their own local communities.

API's short-term community-based programs reflect API's values: reciprocity in relationships between organizations, visitors, and the community; looking at service from eye-level in contrast to a top-down approach through cooperative, cross-cultural participation; a deliberate focus on the value of diversity, intercultural engagement and reflection to encourage intercultural learning among participants and community partners; a commitment to engaging with locals on community-driven initiatives.

We can coordinate customized programs in any of the following locations or in a combination of locations: Argentina, Australia, Bhutan, Chile, China, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cuba, Ecuador, England, France, Germany, Guatemala, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Scotland, Spain, and the United Arab Emirates

Our priority is to provide you with a program that will accomplish your academic goals and fit within your institutional budget. We provide you with options to meet those goals. Below is the checklist of basic services that API offers. If you have a need that is not listed below, let us know and we will investigate. You can choose all the services if you wish, or tailor-make your program so that your program offers everything that you want and need for success.

We will work closely with you to offer your students the best program possible, for the best possible price.

Each API customized program will include pre-departure and on-site services. We will work with you pre-departure to develop and coordinate an itinerary and operating budget. Additionally, we can create program recruitment materials, provide online forms for student participants, arrange groups flights, deliver pre-departure orientation and materials, and coordinate volunteer and service opportunities.

You can expect when you and your group arrive on-site to be greeted by a local coordinator at the airport who will organize a welcome meal for you all. All other housing and meals (including a farewell meal), medical and life insurance, day trips and overnight excursions, ground transportation, professional liability insurance coverage, payment of all gratuities, and electronic evaluation and summaries are included in the program.

For customized programs in Europe, the Middle East, Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, and Mexico, additional services will be available to you, including: the opportunity to collaborate with local host institutions regarding classes, access to API Resident Directors, classes or classroom space offered by the accredited host institution, academic and cultural activities, guest lecturers, computer and internet access at API centers (where available), and mobile phones.

How long does it take to put a proposal together?
On average it takes 2-6 weeks to put an initial program proposal together. During that time we are evaluating the request and working with our on-site experts to gauge feasibility, collect logistical and pricing information and put together a program that meets all your needs outlined in your program request.

How can API help us recruit students?
API is happy to help you get the word out to your school’s students (and beyond!) about your program. We can print and ship brochures/flyers to you, set up a program page on our website and other study abroad sites, and also have our award-winning social media team get the word out via a variety of outlets (Twitter, Facebook, etc.).

Does API have a minimum number of students needed for a program to run?
Our standard minimum to make a program economically feasible is 10-12 students. However, we are sometimes able to make exceptions if we find that it is still possible to run it with fewer students. Running a program with less than 10 students may increase the per-student price as variable costs may be affected depending on group size. API is willing to work with you to find a solution to cut costs through changes to the itinerary, as well.

Can I add items to the program once a final agreement has been signed?
While it is sometimes possible to add certain visits and services to a program after the agreement has been signed, these changes could affect the student cost. More often, a substitution can be made. API will try to accommodate any late requests, however, keep in mind that some things require some time to arrange and may not be possible, depending on when the new request comes in. No changes to the itinerary can be requested once the program has started.

What forms do students and faculty leaders need to complete for API?
API will work with a school to coordinate forms collection. We have a series of standard forms that we collect from students online (medical/dietary, flight, passport, housing and other relevant information), but we always coordinate with the school to ensure that students are not submitting the same information twice. All students must return an original notarized and signed release agreement to API. Without this release, a student may not participate in the program. Faculty and any program guests will also be required to submit a standard set of forms to API.

Can faculty or students bring guests on the program (spouses, children)?
API does not encourage program guests, as we find that it can often disrupt the group dynamics of the program. Therefore student guests are not permitted. However, we often accommodate spouses and family members of the faculty leaders if we know from the beginning of the program development process. Guests will also need to submit some standard forms to API.

The API application deadline has passed, can we still recruit students?We are sometimes able to admit more students to a program after the application deadline has passed, but this depends on various factors such as housing availability and group flights. Before denying a student admittance into your program, please check with API to see if there is still room. We are always happy to welcome more participants if possible.

Can students use our school’s health insurance coverage on your programs?
Yes, however, you must provide proof of insurance for the group that includes medical evacuation and repatriation. If your school’s policy does not include this coverage, it is API policy to include insurance coverage in the program for all participants. This is in everybody’s best interest.

What to Expect

  • The school or faculty leader submits an API program request form to give us an idea of what you are looking for in a program. This form will ask you to provide such information as dates, location, academic focus, desired excursions and cultural/academic visits, type of accommodation, etc.
  • API will review the request to ensure we can meet your needs in the desired location on the requested dates.
  • If API is able to submit a bid, API will send you an initial proposal outlining the program price and services/activities included within 2-6 weeks of receiving the completed program development form. API will also provide a tentative itinerary for the program.
  • We will work with you to make any adjustments to better meet your needs and price point before sending a final, more detailed contract to you for your signature.
  • If requested, API can design and print marketing materials (brochure or flyers) to help you promote your customized program.
  • Recognized for our innovative and outstanding social media presence, API is also happy to spread the word about your program to outside students via various social media outlets, as well as on our website and other study abroad websites such as GoAbroad.com.
  • API’s Customized Program team will check in with you occasionally to check on program numbers and see how we can help you ensure that enrollment numbers are met.
  • Once it is determined that the program has met minimum enrollment, API will set up students with a convenient set of online forms in order to provide us with important information such as housing requests, dietary restrictions, flight information, etc. All students will be required to submit to API an original release agreement that has been signed and notarized. Without this signed release, a student may not participate in the program. Forms will be coordinated in advance with the school to ensure that we are not collecting the same information from students twice. Faculty and any program guests will also be required to submit some standard forms to API.
  • If applicable, API will request a rooming list from the school for any accommodation requiring shared housing arrangements.
  • At this stage, API’s staff will begin to finalize arrangements and payments. Note that some adjustments may need to be made to the itinerary in order to coordinate the logistics (opening hours, guest lecturer availability and other such factors that can impact the schedule of events).
  • API’s Financial Services team will work with the school to coordinate invoicing and payments according to the schedule outlined in the program agreement.
  • 2-3 weeks prior to the program start date, API will send final packets to the school to distribute to students. These packets contain handbooks and other important pre-departure information such as on-site contact information, itinerary, insurance cards (if applicable), etc.
  • Throughout your program, you can count on API’s on-site Resident Directors / Coordinators or our local partners (depending on location) to be there!
  • Resident Directors/Coordinators will present students with an on-site cultural and safety orientation to prepare the group for their time abroad.
  • Resident Directors/Coordinators will organize and attend all excursions, cultural events, and academic visits.
  • On-site staff is equipped and available to assist with student issues or emergencies that may arise.
  • At the end of the program, if you are not implementing your own program evaluations, API is happy to collect evaluations from all student participants. API will provide a program evaluation to the school administrator and faculty leader(s) as well.
  • API will analyze the evaluations and ensure any recommendations or critical commentary are investigated to improve the program for future years.

With API, the customized program possibilities are endless! We will consider any request that will operate in any of our existing program sites. For sample possibilities and previous program examples, click below.

Sample Program Possibilities

This two-week program in beautiful Budapest will take students on a musical journey of the majestic land of Magyarország (Hungary). Participants will visit the Old Academy and Liszt Museum, the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble, and attend local concerts. They will also take in lectures on Hungarian music history, and practice with their peers at the Liszt Academy. Mixed into these training sessions and cultural visits will be tours of key points of historical interest in and around Budapest.

Itinerary – Week 1

  • Arrive in Budapest
  • Welcome dinner and cultural and safety orientation
  • Walking tours of Budapest (cultural sites and sites important to Hungarian music history)
  • Concerts (Generations of Pianists, Folklore show by Hungarian State Folk Ensemble, Contemporary Dance Music, Verdi: Rigoletto)
  • Practice sessions and classes

Itinerary – Week 2

  • Museum visits (Hungarian National Museum, Kodály Museum, Bélz Bartók Museum, Music History Museum)
  • Practice sessions and classes
  • Concerts (Wagner: Parsifal, Organ concert at St. Stephen’s Basilica)
  • Farewell dinner
  • Return to U.S.

This ten-day program in historic Havana will investigate the vibrant ecology of Cuba. Participants will tour national parks and natural history museums, and attend lectures on topics of ecology and sustainability in Cuba.

Itinerary – Week 1

  • Arrive in Miami for group flight to Havana
  • Welcome dinner and cultural and safety orientation
  • Cultural tours of old Havana
  • Guest lectures
  • Visits to National Natural History Museum
  • Overnight excursion to Varadero for snorkeling, exploring nearby caves and ecological reserves
  • Visit Parque Nacional Ciénaga de Zapata

Itinerary – Week 2

  • Overnight excursion to Vinales for nature hike; explore caves and local tobacco farm
  • Excursion to Las Terrazas (UNESCO biosphere reserve)
  • Guest lectures on topics relevant to program focus
  • Farewell dinner and dancing
  • Return group flight to Miami

This semester-long adopted program will introduce participants to the fantastic French language and culture of the charming Norman city of Caen. Participants will not only work on improving their written and spoken French (and their knowledge of French culture and civilization), but they will tour key cultural and historic sites all over northern France and the Normandy region.

Itinerary – Week 1

  • Arrive in Paris for cultural and safety orientation followed by group welcome dinner.
  • Walking and boat (bateau mouche) tours of Paris (including the Eiffel Tower, Musée d’Orsay, Montmartre, Saint Germain de Prés, Latin Quarter, Notre Dame, and more)
  • Visit to the Palace of Versailles
  • Depart with group for Caen by train
  • On-site and university orientations; finalize course registration
  • Begin classes

Itinerary – Weeks 2-15

  • Group excursions (including the Normandy landing beaches, Dijon, Mont Saint-Michel, Honfleur et Etretat, Bayuex, and Rouen)
  • Group cultural events (including day trips, cooking course, French cinema and discussion, and more)
  • Classes and exams
  • Farewell dinner
  • Return to U.S.

This intensive six-week Spanish language program will immerse participants in the charming, colorful, and quaint colonial town of San Joaquín de Flores, Costa Rica. Participants will work on improving their spoken and written Spanish, and take in all of the culture and rich diversity (both bio-diversity and cultural diversity) that dynamic Costa Rica has to offer.

Itinerary – Week 1

  • Arrive in Costa Rica
  • Cultural and safety orientation followed by group welcome dinner.
  • San José city tour
  • Day trip to Cartago and Lankester Botanical Gardens
  • Travel to San Joaquín de Flores; meet and settle into host families
  • Begin classes

Itinerary – Weeks 2-6

  • Classes continue
  • Group excursions (including Manuel Antonio National Park, Tortuguero National Park)
  • Final exams
  • Farewell dinner
  • Return to U.S.

This four-week program introduces participants to the storied business history and culture of London through faculty-led coursework, guest lectures, and visits and excursions to key points of interest in and around London and southern England.

Itinerary – Week 1

  • Arrive in London
  • Welcome dinner and cultural and safety orientation
  • Walking tour of central London (including visits to Trafalgar Square, Whitehall, Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, St. James’ Park, Buckingham Palace, Piccadilly Circus, Leicester Square)
  • Visits to the British Museum, the Tower of London, and the London Docklands
  • Faculty-led class on intercultural business

Itinerary – Weeks 2-4

  • Excursion to Stonehenge, Salisbury, and Bath
  • Faculty-led class continues
  • Tour of Westminster Abbey, The Guard’s Chapel, and the National Gallery
  • Excursion to Brighton and Hastings
  • Presentation by Bank of England and visit to Olympic Park
  • Visit to Windsor Castle
  • Farewell group dinner and return to U.S.

"I am completely satisfied, and very impressed. Your resident directors are marvelous, and the support I got from API both in Texas and Budapest was excellent, and given the medical emergency we had, very effective. I am particularly grateful for how that situation was handled"

S. Jobbitt, Cal State Fullerton

Would you like to submit a request or speak with a Customized Program Manager? Please email us at customized@apiabroad.com or fill out this convenient form.