API specializes in creating customized and faculty-led programs abroad in collaboration with university faculty and staff. We will work closely with you to develop and implement a customized program that is tailored to your specific needs and priorities. Partnering with API means less risk, less hassle and a program that is your design.



API specializes in minimizing risk through careful pre-departure planning and preparation. Once abroad, on-site Resident Directors are available 24/7 to support students and staff.  All API on-site staff are trained and ready to enact emergency action plans should circumstances call for it. Extensive insurance protection, including emergency evacuation, ensures that additional professional support is readily available should circumstances call for it.


API will take care of all the administrative details for your program. Benefit from the expertise of our on-site directors and partner organizations to minimize the logistical coordination handled by your institution.


Select from API’s many program destinations spanning four continents. We can provide a wide range of services, activities, and education opportunities to align your program with your student learning goals.

In partnership with API Customized Program Managers, advisors and faculty will be guided through the following stages as we develop a customized learning experience abroad for your students.


  • API will review the request to ensure we can meet your needs in the desired location on the requested dates. An API Customized Program Manager assigned to your program will follow up to begin the program development process.


  • API will submit a proposal and work with you to make adjustments to meet your needs and price point.


  • API is happy to assist universities with recruitment efforts on campus as needed.


  • API will set up students and faculty with a set of online forms. Leading up to the program start date, API will send important pre-departure information to prepare the group for their time abroad.


  • Throughout the program, you can count on API’s on-site staff to be there! On-site staff will present students with an on-site cultural and safety orientation, organize and attend all excursions, cultural events, and academic visits. They are equipped and available to assist with student issues or emergencies that may arise.


  • API will provide a program evaluation summary and recommendations for future programs to the university partners upon program completion.

Meet the team who will be partnering with you as you develop your Customized or Faculty-Led program!
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Caitlin Beasley

Customized Program Manager

Caitlin Beasley

Customized Program Manager

Hometown: Richmond, VA

Study abroad experience: summer faculty-led program in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Caitlin also lived for almost 4 years in Argentina to complete her Master’s degree.

Education: B.A., International Affairs and Spanish, James Madison University; M.A., Development Management and Policy, Georgetown University & la Universidad de General San Martin

Where is your most favorite travel destination that you’ve been to, and what about that spot impacted your life and your direction?
I studied abroad during a faculty-led program in Buenos Aires, Argentina, then moved to the city and lived there for almost 4 years after graduating. Both studying and living in Argentina was both exciting and challenging, where I was learning the language, customs, and cultural values of a country not my own and deciding what things I wanted to be part of my own beliefs and values. This experience helped to shape my understanding of the world as well as my place in it. I can’t express how important it is to go out and explore beyond your cultural boundaries so that you can learn so much more about the world, its possibilities, and your place in it!

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Tracy Cohen

Customized Program Manager

Tracy Cohen

Customized Program Manager

Hometown: Dallas, TX

Study abroad experience: In high school, Tracy spent a summer studying Spanish in Madrid, Spain. During college, Tracy took a semester of of school to enroll in a TEFL certification program based in Prague, Czech Republic. Upon completion of the program, Tracy stayed in Prague for a few months teaching English to both children and adults.

Education: BA in Applied Learning and Development with Elementary and Special Education Certification from the University of Texas at Austin

Why did you choose to work in the field of international education, and what attracted you to API?
After ten years of teaching in an elementary school setting, I decided it was the right time to explore another career path. Making the shift took a lot of forethought and soul-searching. I realized that it would be important for me to continue having a part in shaping youth to promote a well-rounded future. As an immigrant to the U.S. (I am from South Africa), cultural awareness has always been powerful for me. I was also lucky enough to study abroad in high school and teach abroad in college, and those experiences have forever shaped me. Knowing that I’d have a part in assisting other high school and college students have successful experiences studying in other countries, and learning about other cultures, international education seemed like a great fit for this next adventure in my professional life. What solidified working at API for me, is that my supervisor is best friends with the mother of a former third-grade student of mine! Upon meeting her, there was no question that API would become my new ‘family’.

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Rachel Mogan

Customized Program Manager

Rachel Mogan

Customized Program Manager

Hometown: Knoxville, TN, and Paducah, KY

Study abroad experience: Salamanca, Spain (with API)

Education: Bachelor’s degree in Language and World Business with a concentration in Spanish from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Where in the world (that API has programs) would you like to travel, and what is it about that location that speaks to you?

Having “been there, done that” with Western Europe through my own API study abroad experience in Salamanca, Spain, I want to tackle new and radically different parts of the world than what I’ve seen so far. Dublin is cool and Paris is great, but Chile has captured my traveler’s imagination. The complex history and incredible national parks are a huge draw for me, but I’m not going to lie, the main reason I’m interested in Chile is mostly that they produce some of the best wines in the world!

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Amy Newman

Sr. Customized Program Manager, Team Lead

Amy Newman

Sr. Customized Program Manager, Team Lead

Hometown: Green Brook, NJ

Study abroad experience: Paris with API, summer faculty-led program in Istanbul/Berlin

Education: French and Int’l Affairs from Northeastern

Did you participate in an API program? If so, where, and what lessons stuck with you the most?

I am a proud API Paris Spring 2011 alumna! The speed at which I fell in love with Paris, and study abroad in general, was a direct result of the fact that my program started on Valentine’s Day. Just kidding – but really, I fell hard and fast for the beautiful City of Light. Throughout my time there, I made a ton of memories and learned more about myself than I ever imagined I would. Many of those lessons have stuck with me.

One big lesson I learned was that if I wanted to improve my spoken language skills, I had to accept that making mistakes would be an integral part of that. No matter how hard it is to fumble your way through asking for directions, there’s really no better time or place than during a semester abroad. Plus, it’s fun to return home and share a funny story with your family and friends, like the time you were looking for the library so you asked for directions to the “librarie” and wound up at a bookstore (I’ll never mix those words up again!). But I think the most important lesson I learned is that a meal of bread and cheese (preferably with a side of Eiffel Tower) is perfectly acceptable whenever, wherever.

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Amy Exah

Senior Director, Enrollment Management

Amy Exah

Senior Director, Enrollment Management

Hometown: Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Study Abroad (or International) Experience: I first studied abroad in high school as an exchange student in the small village of Shrewsbury, England. I fell in love with the world beyond and during college, I studied abroad for two semesters in Merida, Mexico and in Accra, Ghana. After college, I spent 14 years living and working abroad in Ghana, Guatemala and Peru as an educator in the international school system and founded a community development project in the Volta Region of Ghana, which included the development of a mango farm and ecotourism destination on the shores of Lake Volta.

Education: BA in Theater & Dance from the University of Texas at Austin and a M.Ed. from The College of New Jersey’s Global Graduate Program in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Why did you choose to work in the field of international education, and what attracted you to API?:

Like many in the field of international education, I studied abroad in college and it changed the course of my life. After my final semester in Accra, Ghana, I decided to stay abroad and began working as an educator at the International Baccalaureate (IB) School in Accra, for students in K-12. It was here that I discovered my passion for global education. My classrooms were incredibly diverse with students from all over the world and the IB program, with its focus on global understanding and cultural diversity, gave way for a learning environment which encouraged students to learn from each other. I continued along this path in Guatemala and Peru and after 14 years abroad as an IB educator, I returned to the U.S. in 2012 to pursue my career in higher education and contribute my unique perspective to the field of International Education. I joined API from 2013-2016 and then took a break to gain experience working as the Assistant Director of Faculty-Led Programs at the Education Abroad office at the University of Texas at Austin. I'm thrilled to be back at API to lead the Enrollment Management team and continue my mission of creating access for all students to study abroad.

Have questions?

Let us know your preferred timeline for a proposal! On average it takes 2-6 weeks to put an initial proposal together. During that time we are evaluating the request and working with our on-site experts to gauge feasibility, collect logistical and pricing information and put together a program that meets all your needs outlined in your program request.

API is happy to help you get the word out to your school’s students (and beyond!) about your program. We can print and ship brochures/flyers to you, set up a program page on our website and other study abroad sites, and also have our award-winning social media team get the word out via a variety of outlets (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.).

Upon arrival, customized program groups will be met by an API Resident Director who will serve as the group’s main contact on the ground. As a full-service provider, API Resident Directors will support the group throughout the program and are available to provide 24/7 emergency response services when needed. API also offers medical & life insurance coverage for customized programs, including medical evacuation and repatriation. If your school’s policy does not include this coverage, it is API policy to include insurance coverage in the program for all participants. All of API’s health and safety practices also come standard on any customized program; for detailed information on these policies see our Health & Safety Resources.

We design in collaboration with you, so let API know what you’re dreaming up and we will evaluate feasibility. API is a full-service provider, meaning we offer accommodations, safety management, transportation, cultural activities, academic coordination, logistics, excursions, and so much more! We can even “add-on” service learning, internships, or have your customized program feed into one of our semester programs.

This is the benefit of partnering with API. Our Customized Program Managers are skilled at listening to your vision and working to develop a program that meets your desired learning outcomes. Submit a request below and a Program Manager will be in touch to begin the process.

If this didn’t answer your questions, submit a request below and we’ll be in touch soon.

"I am completely satisfied, and very impressed. Your resident directors are marvelous, and the support I got from API both in Texas and Budapest was excellent, and given the medical emergency we had, very effective. I am particularly grateful for how that situation was handled"

S. Jobbitt, Cal State Fullerton

Would you like to submit a request or speak with a Customized Program Manager? Please email us at [email protected] or fill out this convenient form.