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Interning Abroad with API

Intern Abroad

API Global Internships give you an edge in a global economy where companies work with international clients, have global operations, and employ a diverse workforce made up of people from many different cultures.

In addition to test-driving a career through a customized internship abroad, our program has been developed to give you the best career development training and resources to prepare you for a meaningful and successful career.

Intern virtually
Intern Virtually… Abroad!

Gain the same, career-enhancing professional experience while interning virtually with an international host.  API’s virtual internship programming will support your success, engaging you in activities designed to refine specific skills, orienting you to the international workplace culture, and guiding you through virtual cultural webinars and local visits. Afterwards, you can display your learning in a digital badge that you can add to any online portfolio.

Intern virtually

Interning Virtually with API

Are you an employer looking to recruit students
to intern with your organization?

Show the world what you learned with API’s Digital Badges

API’s digital badges allow you to showcase the skills and knowledge gained from participating in an API experience—whether it be an internship, studying abroad, or virtual program. Earn badges that display the value of experiential learning in a way employers understand, share your skills and accomplishments in a way that will differentiate your resume, and gain access to a specialized employment database that highlights your earned badges.

Why do an internship?

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Invest in Your Future

In your internship, you’ll be challenged to expand your understanding of the world. You’ll build skills and experiences that employers value, which means you’ll differentiate your resume from peers, expand your employment options, improve your odds of getting hired faster, and your chances of a higher starting salary.

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Develop Yourself Professionally

Whether it is through our virtual workspace where you are guided through professional skill building or onsite during our Workplace and Culture Orientation, you will have access to a wealth of information to help you take charge of planning your professional future.

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Develop Yourself Personally

Understanding your unique passions, interests, character, and natural abilities can help save valuable time and money as you begin your professional career.

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Gain an Edge in the Global Economy

Get an edge in a global economy where companies work with international clients, have global operations, and employ a diverse workforce made up of people from many different cultures.


Earn Class Credit or Fulfill a Degree Requirement

Stay on track to graduate on time by including needed coursework in your program, or fulfill your degree’s internship requirements. All the while, you’ll be gaining marketable skills that make you more employable


Develop In-Demand Skills

Problem solving, communication, taking initiative, self-confidence, and adaptability are just a few of the skills participants who interned with API indicate they gained – and are the top skills employers want to see more of in new hires.

Answers to Your Most Common Questions

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What types of internships are there?

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API can locate high-quality, customized internship placements in nearly all fields of study, with the exception of hands-on, clinical work.

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How long does placement take?

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The average placement time is 4-8 weeks, though it can take longer for ‘niche’ fields.

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Are all placements available in English?

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Yes, API can find English-speaking internships in our non-English destinations. Applicants that are unable to speak the local language may need to be more flexible with their placement.

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Will there be other interns with me?

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Because API intentionally places students with smaller to mid-size organizations when possible, the API participant will likely be the only intern at their placement site. However, in most cases, there are other API students in the host city, and all participants are supported 24×7 by API’s on-site Resident Directors/Coordinators.

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How does API find placements?

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API’s experienced on-site Resident Directors/Coordinators find our placements through professional networks, industry connections, and research. API intentionally seeks placements within small or midsized organizations when possible to allow participants to have more hands-on, relevant experience and a broader range of responsibilities.


How do I apply?

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That’s the easy part! Just click the link below and we’ll walk you through the steps from there!


Not ready to apply? That’s OK, contact us to learn more and we can help you decide!


“The center and the team I worked with were absolutely incredible. They were very welcoming and helpful. I not only learned but enjoyed spending time at work!  learned techniques used in my field and was able to embrace/understand how individuals with a different culture than mine live. It was interesting to see the similarities and differences in the way were are brought up and different our lifestyles are.”

 – Katherine P, API Intern, Madrid

What’s Included?

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Personalized Application Assistance

Our Enrollment Management team will walk you through each step of the process, ensuring the proper forms are completed, providing detailed information and instruction, and helping to make your trip a total success.

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Study or intern? Why not both!

In addition to our full-time internship programs, API also offers students the option to participate in an internship while on a semester, academic year, or summer study abroad program. In most cases, students can earn academic credit, though some opportunities are offered without credit. 

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Resident Directors

Our in-country resident directors are with you every step of the way, ensuring your safety, designing culturally-relevant excursions and available to help with any issues that may arise, 24×7.

All-in-One Package

More details are provided on the respective program pages, but in general, the following features are included: customized internship placements and placement oversight, orientation materials and resources, workplace and culture orientation, safe, convenient housing, access to resident directors 24/7, optional academic credit and the API Career Development Badge.

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Health and Safety

In concert with API’s Student Success team, our international personnel work to ensure that the best practices in risk management are employed around the world. Read more about our health and safety measures, insurance, emergency management and more here.


Top Rated and Convenient Housing

The location and type of housing provided depends on your program and country, but in all cases, we work to ensure you are in safe, attractive areas that are close to your internship work location.

How to Prepare for an API Internship

Set yourself up for success and build your resume to land an internship abroad! Check out resume formatting tips, sample resumes, and read internship stories from API Alumni.

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