Study Abroad in Melbourne: Bella

June 5, 2017

Bella Mazza studied abroad in Melbourne, Australia at La Trobe University from her home university; Lesley University. Bella had this to say about her experience at La Trobe, in Melbourne and with API:

“My time at La Trobe has been a very positive and rewarding experience. I love the atmosphere and the size of the campus. The decision to come to Melbourne was an easy one for me and I have not regretted my choice once. I regard these times as some of the best moments of my life and wish I could relive this experience. Although the course work was a lot more independent work than I was used to, it gave me an easy challenge and helped me grow as a student. Likewise, the city environment and frequent opportunities to travel in Victora and further helped me grow as an overall individual.”

You can learn more about the program in Melbourne at La Trobe University here:


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