16 Things I Learned- A Study Abroad Reflection

March 20, 2017

This reflective post comes to us from current API Global Leader, Logan Paul. Logan studies at Bryant University and studied abroad in the Fall of 2016 in Viña del Mar, Chile



“16 things I learned in 2016”
1. People come into your life of a reason- From meeting some pretty important people this year to keeping in touch with the ones that really matter, friends are important.

2. Make time for the right people.- Your loved ones and friends are far more important and worthy of your time than anyone who does not appreciate you.

3. It is okay to be open about how you feel- It is the only way you will ever move forward and learn more about yourself. But man is it hard.

4. Complimenting people is important- You never know what can make someone feel loved

5. Better times are coming and they always will

6. Always express gratitude that comes from deep within- Giving genuine thanks to people who give you the world costs nothing

7. Always listen to constructive criticism with an open heart and an open mind and you will flourish

8. Being alone can be a beautiful thing if you let it

9. Be Spontaneous

10. Stress is only what you make of it- Remember to breathe and remind yourself that most this too will pass

11. Adventure is important so take advantage of it

12. It wasn’t a waste of time if you learned something

13. Keep your eyes open and your heart open wider

14. Take time to slow down and look at what is going on around you

15. Trust yourself and your instincts- You never know where they are going to take you, but they are usually right

16. Continue to love those around you, yourself, and everything that you do because that’s the point isn’t it? To be in love with every breath you take and every time the sun rises and to continue to fill your heart with every kind of joy


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