A true once-in-a-lifetime opportunity: Work in Australia and/or New Zealand

February 14, 2018

A true once-in-a-lifetime opportunity: Work in Australia and/or New Zealand

These opportunities allow you to live abroad and experience the local culture as more than a tourist. By working abroad, you can cultivate real-world experience and form lasting relationships and connections, all while exploring exciting new places. API will provide you with the support and security you need to successfully plan your work abroad adventure. Choose to eitherlive or work on a variety of organic properties in exchange for accommodation and meals while you search for your paid job, or begin your job search immediately upon arrival to Australia and/or New Zealand.

Whether you choose to be pre-placed on a farm or wish to start looking for your paid job immediately, all API participants receive an on-site welcome orientation, including job search training, support and access to electronic resources to ensure you land the job of a lifetime!


Farm Stay Pre-Placement

  • 2-8 weeks on a farm, then start your paid job in the field of your choice!
  • Job search training and resources provided on-site during welcome orientation
  • Accommodation and meals included
  • Help on the land and home for 4-6 hours a day on family-owned organic farms
  • Learn aspects of organic growing, bio-dynamics and permaculture

Usually, you live with your host and are expected to join in and cooperate with the day-to-day activities. You may be asked to help with a variety of tasks like sowing seed, making compost, gardening, planting, cutting wood, weeding, harvesting, packing, milking, feeding, fencing, making mud-bricks, wine making, cheese making and bread making. Many farm stay helpers actually become so inspired by the experience that they end up changing their lifestyles and even setting up their own organic farms!

Read on for more information about this type of placement

On-site Job Search

You may choose to bypass the farm stay and begin your job search the day you arrive during the onsite orientation.

  • Work for up to one year
  • Accommodation provided during welcome orientation
  • Receive training, support and resources to land a paid job in areas such as sales, restaurant staff, teaching, project management, and many more!
  • Simple job transfer between Australia and New Zealand… and back!

If you are interested in learning more about these opportunities, follow this link. You can also speak with your program manager by emailing [email protected]


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