Academic Programs International Introduces Fare Finder™

June 1, 2023
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New APIConnect app delivers airfare savings and free services that cater to student and faculty educational travel needs

AUSTIN, TEXAS – June 1, 2023 — Academic Programs International (API), the experiential learning organization leading advances in education technology and career-accelerating experiential programs globally, has announced a new app called Fare Finder™. It offers students and faculty significant savings on airfare for all educational travel.

Reduce Financial Barriers with Fare Finder

Available through the APIConnect platform, the Fare Finder app is just one of the many new technology solutions API is launching. The company works to reduce the financial barriers that prevent students from participating in experiential programs, such as study abroad and global internships.  Students using Fare Finder can choose from a wide variety of discounted rates for their education-related travel with major airlines. In addition to lower prices, Fare Finder provides:

  • Access to more favorable terms and conditions, such as increased schedule change flexibility and free baggage, in most cases
  • 24/7 assistance so students will always be supported if an emergency arises 
  • Ability to hold flights and share itineraries ahead of purchasing to allow time for trip planning 
  • Comprehensive search and sort filters, such as price, quickest route, most sustainable/greenest route, and more
  • A simple booking process that allows students to compare options and book a flight in just a couple of minutes
  • Upon arrival, airport pick-up service through API concierge 

Building Apps to Support Students

“All students and faculty can use the Fare Finder app to access discounted airfare for their educational travel needs,” said Patrick Vogt, CEO. “The APIConnect platform and our Fare Finder app are key pieces of the puzzle allowing us to achieve our purpose of encouraging students of all ages to learn through experience. This is why we are actively building apps that support all students — beyond just those participating in API programs. Making educational travel more affordable will increase access for all. Whether it is travel from home to college, travel for a study or intern abroad program with any provider, travel for a college exchange program, or travel by faculty members for research or to educational conferences, Fare Finder can serve them all. With the help of Fare Finder, we hope that millions of students will be able to gain an experience they otherwise thought they could not afford.”

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About Academic Programs International (API)

Academic Programs International (API) encourages students of all ages to embark on a lifelong experiential educational journey. These experiences enrich lives, communities, and organizations. As well as helps every student, college, and company to achieve their goals. Through the creation of APIConnect, an experiential education technology platform, the company helps colleges, universities, and students create and discover learning experiences customized to meet their needs. APIConnect offers a vast library of destinations, accredited courses, internships, and original programming. All of which is geared toward maximizing students’ college experiences so they are better prepared for the workforce upon graduation. Based in Austin, TX, API sends thousands of students on hundreds of programs every year. This includes both virtually and in nearly 70 cities in 26 countries across Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America, North America, and the Middle East.


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