Academic Programs International Introduces New App that Provides Personalization and Choice for Students When Interning or Studying Abroad

May 30, 2023
Personalization and Choice

APIConnect technology provides an unprecedented level of transparency that allows students to select and personalize their learning experience like never before.

AUSTIN, TEXAS – May 30, 2023—Academic Programs International (API), an  experiential learning and technology provider, today announces significant advances in education technology and career-accelerating experiential programs  through the introduction of an unprecedented level of choice, personalization, and transparency to students of all ages interested in experiential learning abroad.

Living up to its mission to increase access to all learners to embark upon experiential learning programs, API is leveraging the power of the APIConnect platform to innovate and break down barriers for students who want to intern or study abroad. As such, API has added functionality to its platform to give students a level of visibility, choice, and personalization at scale – a first for the study abroad industry. Students can create their own custom experience based on their needs, with governance by their college or university.  

To deliver this new level of control to students, APIConnect starts by leveraging machine learning and AI that enhances the student’s program selection experience.  Students begin their experiential journey by honing in on the best program options for them based on important considerations, such as major, area of interest, required classes, location and more, all through the use of intelligent technology. Once a program session is selected, students can then view, select and personalize their housing—down to the room level—where housing options are guaranteed to have been Visited and Verified by API. Depending on location, students will have a range of options to choose from, and each option will be clearly displayed, described, and priced. Students can choose Comfort, Classic, and Basic room types giving students the flexibility to select the accommodations that best suit them. 

In addition, students can also customize their programmatic excursions based on their academic needs, interests, and preferences. Excursion options are curated across several subject areas and the city and country students are visiting, as well as outside of their host country, should they want to expand their options further.  

Students get a new level of information about their international university, class registration details, more information about student life onsite, and videos about the university.  When it comes to class selection, students will have enhanced abilities to view and select their classes through access to a library of thousands of in-person and virtual classes, all accredited by the U.S. Higher Educational System. These class options ensure students can get the credits they need to stay on track to graduate on time.

All of these selections are all visible for students before they complete their application and commit to a program. That means that they can see and choose precisely what they will be getting as part of their program in advance of making any payments or committing to any policies. With this launch, API is putting students in the driver’s seat. 

“API’s proprietary research indicates that the number one complaint students have with studying abroad is the lack of control, visibility, and choice offered to them. Today, API is pleased to be able to change all of that,” said Patrick Vogt, API’s CEO. “We are bringing choice and personalization to students at a level that, while standard on platforms such as Netflix, Tesla, and AirBnb, has never been a consideration in the experiential learning industry. Through APIConnect, student choice and personalization will become the new normal in experiential learning because it is one of the key elements to enabling students of all backgrounds, budgets, lifestyles, and education levels to experience career-boosting, life-changing experiential learning programs.” 

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About Academic Programs International (API)

Academic Programs International (API) encourages students of all ages to embark on a lifelong experiential educational journey that enriches lives, communities and organizations and helps every student, college and company to achieve their goals.  Through the creation of APIConnect, an experiential education technology platform, the company helps colleges, universities, and students create and discover learning experiences customized to meet their needs. APIConnect offers a vast library of destinations, accredited courses, internships, and original programming geared toward maximizing students’ college experiences so they are better prepared for the workforce upon graduation. Based in Austin, TX, API sends thousands of students on hundreds of programs every year, both virtually and in nearly 70 cities in 26 countries in Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America, North America, and the Middle East.

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