Academic Programs International Unveils Mobile App that Guides Students Through Every Phase of their Experiential Learning Journey

May 31, 2023
APIConnect Orientation

New APIConnect mobile app meets students where they are and delivers a seamless experience for onboarding, orientation, and on-site delivery.

AUSTIN, TEXAS – May 31, 2023 — Academic Programs International (API), an  experiential learning and education technology provider, is pleased to launch the APIConnect mobile app for students. With this new app, students have useful features that make their onboarding, orientation, and on-site experiences safer and more enjoyable. Students can download the app from the Apple App and Google Play stores for the spring 2024 application season. 

APIConnect Simplifies the Process

Once students have applied to their program, APIConnect allows them to quickly dive into their onboarding process and easily and securely upload documents, such as their passport, headshot, and transcript, right from their phone. Furthermore, students receive notifications and nudges to ensure they stay on track and don’t miss important deadlines. Prior to this launch, onboarding was one of the most stressful and cumbersome parts of the experiential learning process industry-wide. The APIConnect app makes it fun and easy for students.

Consistency You Can Rely On

The app also improves the orientation portion of the student journey, creating a level of consistency and access that is unparalleled in the industry. Students can watch videos and review important materials relevant to their personalized program and can access the content for reference again and again, at any time, from any place. 

Making Important Information More Accessible

Once students arrive in their host country, the APIConnect app transforms into an on-site concierge, providing important information about health and safety, their API resident director, housing details, city guides, travel management, calendar of events, activity planning and more.

“API is on a mission to serve all students who want to study or intern abroad and to use technology to meet them where they are. In addition to providing unprecedented levels of student choice, we are making the onboarding, orientation, and on-site delivery of programs easier, safer, more intuitive, more affordable, and less stressful through our app,“ said Patrick Vogt, CEO. “The APIConnect mobile app will substantially improve students’ feelings of preparedness and readiness by increasing transparency, providing choice, personalization, and delivering the right content at the right time from wherever students are. Using the APIConnect app, every student will be supported at every stage of their experiential learning journey. This is the start of a new level of service and support for students in our industry.”

About Academic Programs International (API)

Academic Programs International (API) encourages students of all ages to embark on a lifelong experiential educational journey that enriches lives, communities and organizations and helps every student, college and company to achieve their goals.  Through the creation of APIConnect, an experiential education technology platform, the company helps colleges, universities, and students create and discover learning experiences customized to meet their needs. APIConnect offers a vast library of destinations, accredited courses, internships, and original programming geared toward maximizing students’ college experiences so they are better prepared for the workforce upon graduation. Based in Austin, TX, API sends thousands of students on hundreds of programs every year, both virtually and in nearly 70 cities in 26 countries in Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America, North America, and the Middle East. Read more at

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