API Alumni Options – Continuing your Adventure After Studying Abroad

December 7, 2018
API alumni crossing Carrick-a-rede bridge in Ireland

This month, our Fall 2018 students are returning home after an unforgettable semester abroad. Here at API, we think of this not as “goodbye” but more “see you later”! We LOVE keeping in touch with our API alumni after they return home from their semester abroad. Today we’re highlighting what steps new alumni can take to continue their study abroad experience once they return home. We’re also highlighting some of the best #ispyAPI photos we saw this semester on social media!

#ispyAPI Becca Link in Scotland

Join API’s Global Leadership Academy & get more out of your study abroad experience

While other study abroad providers may consider the end of the semester “the end of the road” for students, API alumni have ample opportunities to stay involved in the world of study abroad. Consider signing up for our Global Leadership Academy. Global leaders are given the opportunity to share their study abroad experience with prospective students on their campus. What did you learn about your host country? What tips do you have for someone who has never done it before?

The Global Leadership Academy is a great option for students who want to gain leadership and public speaking skills; all while talking about studying abroad (a subject we hope you LOVE by now!). Even better, it gives students a chance to be creative. If you studied abroad in the UK, host a tea party on campus! If you’re missing Spain, consider inviting students to tapas! A bit of travel is also possible in this program.

API global leaders in Austin Texas

Drake student & API alumni Aspen Waters studied abroad with us in San Jose, Costa Rica. She shared a little more about her experience as a Global Leader:

“API gave me the opportunity to attend a training this summer in Austin, Texas to work alongside these amazing people who had also recently studied abroad. Our training helped us unpack our study abroad experience as well as making us API Global Leaders at campuses across the United States. As a Global Leader here at Drake, I host events throughout the year centered around studying abroad. For example, I have hosted events such as Wanderlust Wednesday’s, a documentary showing, and during finals week I will be handing out sweet treats with some study abroad facts.”

We’ve had several global leaders as guest bloggers over the years, if you’d like to read more about their experiences.

API Alumni in Versailles

Network with other API alumni & learn about job opportunities

Be sure to join our API Alumni groups on Facebook as well as LinkedIn! There, you can get to know other alumni from around the world. In addition, we use these groups to post any job openings at API as well as other job openings in the international education field. It’s a fantastic resource for people who loved their study abroad experience, and are interested in pursuing a career in this field.

API alumni Anna Johnson in Rome

Go abroad again!

Many of our study abroad alumni often choose to do the experience again! Students who choose to complete a second session with API, either in their original host city or in another site, will receive a discount on the second session program cost.

As you continue your studies, you can also choose to fulfill an internship requirement with an internship abroad! This is a great way to stand out in a crowded job field after graduation. API offers a wide variety of internships; from a culinary arts internship in Spain to an engineering internship working on solar cars in Chile. Browse the intern archives section of our blog to see more of what’s possible!

API alumni students in Chile

In addition, you can also choose to go abroad with us through one of our teach, work or volunteer programs. Past participants of these programs have called it a very rewarding experience. Some of these programs pay a stipend. You can also find a wide variety of programs based on your interests, talents, and needs. These programs also provide you with a chance to go abroad in unique countries like Vietnam, Ecuador, and Thailand.

API alumni crossing Carrick-a-rede bridge in Ireland

Wherever you head in your journey, we want to hear what’s next for you!

Don’t hesitate to reach out and let us know what you’re up to. Send us an email at [email protected] – & if you get together with some of your alumni friends, be sure to tag us on social media (use the hashtag #ispyAPI) so we can say hello!



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