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August 30, 2018

API went live this past weekend with our new website! We’re really excited about these changes. From our new-and-improved program finder, to our easy-to-navigate user interface, we’re hopeful API’s new website will provide you with all the tools you need; whether you’re a student, parent, college official, volunteer, teacher, or alumni! Let’s break it all down.

Easy navigation

It’s now easier than ever to explore the programs, locations and services API offers in 20+ countries! Use our drop-down menus to learn more about specific countries:

You can also browse these countries by moving your mouse over the “explore program locations” tab on the API homepage:

When you click on an area of interest, the countries API offers programs in will appear below it:

More personalized program finder

If you’re not sure where you want to study/volunteer/teach abroad, but you have a sense of what kind of classes, culture, or experience you’re interested in, API’s Program Finder is an awesome tool!

Look for the green tab on the API homepage and click on it to get started exploring programs that are best suited to your needs. After you click on “Program Finder”, you’ll notice a drop down menu along the left side of our website.

Here you can plug in what subjects, languages, etc. interest you. API is also offering a new way to search for the right program, by browsing ones that fit your personal lifestyle! If you’re an active camper or biker, find a place to go that’s “outdoor-minded”! You can also browse LGBTQ+ friendly countries, programs that offer volunteer opportunities and add-ons, and more!










Easy-to-use information requests & catalog requests pages

So you’ve wrapped up your search and narrowed down a few places. Want to know more? It’s easier than ever to request information: simply click on the light blue tab along the top of the API homepage. From there, you send over a few details about who you are and what you’re looking for, and our API staff does all the research; sending back everything you need to know!

You’ll notice several other tabs that are useful here. Learn why API is different than other travel abroad companies, or apply for the program you fall in love with! You can also click on “download catalogs” to get ALL the information about every program offered through API.

More parent resources

Parents and guardians can rest easy knowing their child is in safe hands, as API is providing more resources than ever! We know how important it is to make sure you’re armed with information so you can feel confident about your child’s safety and experience abroad. Simply click on the “parents” tab along the right side of our website to get started.

Navigate through the information by clicking on the tabs along the top of the parents page. You’ll notice we now have a specific section for high school parents, too!

Even more bells & whistles!

In addition to these exciting changes, API’s new website also offers detailed information per division for things like payment policies, scholarships, and school accreditations. You can also learn more about API’s mission, global family, and core values. We want this to be a resource for everyone to check in with throughout their time with API. Let us know if you have any questions, and happy travels!











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