There’s Still Time to Go Abroad this Spring: Deadline Extensions!

September 3, 2018

Intern Patrick Friend stands in front of zoology building in Dublin, Ireland

Good news!

If you’re interested in an internship or gap year program, there’s still time to go abroad this spring!

Intern Abroad Programs

Spring 2019 program dates: 1/16/19 – 3/16/19

The following program deadlines have been extended to 9/15:

Brisbane/Gold Coast, Australia
Sydney, Australia
Melbourne, Australia
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Santiago, Chile
Dublin, Ireland
Auckland, New Zealand
Wellington, New Zealand
Barcelona, Spain
Madrid, Spain
Seville, Spain
More information here. OR click here to apply! 

Gap Year Programs

The following program deadlines have been extended to 9/15:

Santiago, Chile
Dublin, Ireland
Seville, Spain
More information here. OR click here to apply!

What’s it like to intern abroad?

Intern Patrick Friend sits in a tree in Dublin

Let’s hear from Patrick Friend, who interned in Dublin this summer. He is a history and geography major at West Virginia University.

“I’m interning as a guide for the Zoological Museum at Trinity College Dublin. As a guide, I walk around the museum with visitors and answer questions while providing an interactive museum experience. A couple of days ago we had a groups of elementary school kids come into the museum. The guides tend to take turns at different parts of the museum so that we don’t have to continuously talk about the same items.”


“I normally start with the live animals, the red-kneed tarantula, the common European house spider (The fastest spider on the planet.), the Madagascan cockroaches, and the giant African land snails. I have no doubt that the land snails are the most popular and I let those students interested take turns hold the snail and teaching them some of the snail’s anatomy. They were thrilled! Of the two days, only one student, a curious girl, probably ten-years-old, wanted to hold the cockroaches. (The Madagascan hissing cockroach is the second largest cockroach in the world, approximately three or four inches long.) I reluctantly removed one of the cockroaches from the tank and let it scurry into her cupped hands. She looked down at the cockroach and then back up at me with wide-eyes and just said, “Wow!” It may not have been much, but who knows, maybe an entomologist will come from that interaction.

This is Patrick’s second internship at a museum, but this time – abroad! Sounds pretty cool to us!


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