Global Leader Highlight: Elisha Cutter

March 23, 2018

API offers returned participants a chance to continue engaging with their international experience by sharing it within their personal, professional, and campus communities. The API Global Leadership program helps alumni learn how to integrate their experience into their chosen career path. They also work to inspire others to explore the world and study, intern, teach, volunteer, or work abroad.

This week we want to highlight a current global leader, Elisha Cutter! Elisha studied at the London College of Fashion with API from Johnson and Wales University.

For a recent global leader event, Elisha visited her high school in Charlotte, NC to talk about study abroad! She’s a footwear designer and bought shoes for the students to decorate with places they want to go in the world.

Are you an API Alum looking to get involved on your campus in a new way?!

Join The API Global Leadership Academy for either a semester or academic year and build core competencies of global leadership in a dynamic and creative atmosphere. Develop skills to share your experience in your community, on your campus, and in job interviews. Host fun events to tell your story and learn about the field of international education. Be empowered to transform the world in a concrete way. Leave the academy with more than just a certificate of participation- leave with an edge in the global marketplace and a strong contribution to your résumé.

You can learn more here:


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