Parsons Paris Faculty Spotlight – Yong Andersson

February 11, 2019

For some drawing students, there is no better backdrop for growing your portfolio than Paris! That’s why many budding artists apply for Parsons Paris’ prestigious summer programs. Enrolling at Parsons Paris provides students with the opportunity to grow their portfolio in a diverse and artistic city. In addition, students learn from some of the absolute best names in the world of art, fashion and design. Today, we’re talking with one of those names! Yong Andersson is teaching Visual Communication Drawing courses this summer.

Yong Andersson

API: First, we’d love to hear how you ended up in the field of Visual Communication Drawing. Tell us a little about yourself!

Yong: Drawing was always my favorite step when approaching the realization of a collection; translating ideas through drawing not only permits one to delve into the dream a little, but allows to investigate form, break down ideas and to take decisions through the process. When I had the opportunity to start teaching Fashion Drawing ten years ago I was immediately captivated by teaching as an experience – the classroom became a space of infinite possibilities! 

Moving to Paris for studying fashion, my background covers a range of high end brands, trend forecasting, commissioned Japanese books about young Scandinavian and Parisian designers’ interiors and conception of a small own brand collection of hand tailored jackets alongside continued teaching.

API: Describe the course you teach. What kind of students typically enroll in your courses & what is the course structure like?

Yong: Students enroll from all over the world, representing a balance of pre-college, college and students with an initial professional experience. Their course expectations vary from preparatory drawing practice for college application, to young professionals who wish to develop new professional skills or focus on own creative projects. The course is suitable to anyone interested in exploring drawing and fashion, regardless of previous experience. 

The program is structured around field trips, guest lectures, research, life model drawing and studio work. The life model sessions cover fundamental exercises with focus on the body proportions and garment rendering in a range of mixed media techniques. In studio sessions we practice the silhouette rendering in new techniques, based the fashion industry requirements. Students will also design their own theme-based collection through cohesive 2d design methods, including research and experimental textile design.   

Explorations in drawing at Parsons Paris

API: What’s it like to teach at Parsons Paris?

Yong: Parsons Paris hosts a myriad of international students and staff which contributes to Parsons Paris unique dynamic environment in the heart of the city. The campus’ family atmosphere provides accessibility and interchange across courses and sections. Working in small size classes allows students to benefit from extended program possibilities with one on one supervision. 

API: What advice do you have for students who are considering enrolling?

Yong: No previous experience is required, but with a little practice and research beforehand, students will feel comfortable and benefit more from the course. The rhythm is intense with projects requiring work on a daily basis, but students also find time to plan their own visits. Don’t hesitate to sketch and research beforehand in museums or daily environment or to look into fashion documents, textile patterns or anything you like in order to make the most of your experience!  


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