Study Abroad Questions and Answers From API’s SOC Team

October 26, 2023
study abroad questions

If you’ve contacted us before via the chat box on our website or this form, then there’s a good chance you’ve already met our Student Outreach (SOC) Team! This team offers students like you all the best tips and tricks to go abroad. And this month, the SOC Team is back to update you on all the most common questions coming through from students just like you. Read on to see if one of your study abroad questions has made this month’s list!

I haven’t applied yet; where do I start?

If you haven’t applied to an API program yet, take a look at our How To Apply resource. After completing the steps in the guide linked above, you’ll want to set up meetings with your academic advisor and study abroad office on campus. After confirming eligibility for your program of choice, click here to begin your API application!

Bonus: We advise students that haven’t applied to an API program yet to receive personalized advising from the Student Outreach team! All you have to do is complete this form on our Contact Us page.

Which programs are currently trending?

Still unsure of which programs to look into? There are a few that have been catching the eyes of many students. Check out the programs below to find out  eligibility, dates, housing options and more!

Full Curriculum at Korea University in Seoul

Spring deadline: October 1

A perfect blend of modern and traditional, Seoul offers students unique cultural exposure. This including grand palaces, delicious street food, and the dynamic K-pop music scene. Explore Korea and immerse yourself while gaining a top tier educational experience!

Semester Business and Liberal Arts in Barcelona

Spring deadline: October 15

This program offers a wide array of easily transferable business and liberal arts courses. (All of which are conducted in English!) There are also Spanish language classes at all levels. Enroll in classes alongside students from around the world and experience life in one of Spain’s most exciting and cosmopolitan cities!

Semester Business, Communications, and STEM Studies at University of Dubrovnik

Spring deadline: October 30

Consider going abroad to stunning Croatia and enrolling in classes all conducted in English! These courses span business, economics, engineering, nursing, and much more. The University of Dubrovnik has a strong history of welcoming international students. Engage in exciting activities and clubs for a truly authentic Croatian campus experience.

Multidisciplinary Studies and Japanese Culture at Lakeland University Japan

Summer deadline: February 15

Though the spring deadline has already passed for this program, summer applications are now open! Lakeland University Japan is located in the Ryogoku neighborhood, conveniently located in the heart of Tokyo and minutes from the train station. From skyscrapers to ancient temples to bustling food markets, Tokyo offers exciting cultural experiences for visiting students across the city. 

What about deadlines?

Each program has its own application deadline, which can be found on the program’s webpage (tip: use our Program Finder to sort through our experiences abroad). After you apply, log into your APIConnect account to view due dates for your Onboarding 1 forms. Remember, Onboarding 1 forms must be completed before your program coordinator can enroll you into your host university abroad (and receive your visa materials, if your program requires one)! Read this blog to learn more about applying to an API program.

How do I get a student visa?

We know visas are one of the most complicated parts of the pre-departure process  To help, we’ve created a visa resource that outlines the step-by-step process for obtaining a student visa in each country! We always recommend checking your consulate’s website for additional instructions. Make sure to start this process right away, as consulates become inundated with applications, and securing a visa is ultimately your responsibility.

If your program is over 90 days and is in Spain or Italy, you might qualify for our Group Visa service. We HIGHLY recommend opting into this service, as it is much more hands-off than going through the process independently. More details on this process are also provided in our visa resources.

Still have study abroad questions?

For a quick question, you can utilize the chat feature in the right-hand corner of our website (you’ll receive an answer from an actual human, not just an automated response)! We also take calls during API’s operating hours, 9 – 5 p.m. central time: 1-512-600-8900

However you prefer to contact us, just know no question is too large or small for our team! Simply let us know where you are in the process and we are happy to help!


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