The Best Paying Jobs in the USA Right Now

August 16, 2018

From data scientists to nurse practitioners, more of the country’s highest-paying jobs are requiring specialized training – but not necessarily an advanced degree. Glassdoor, a jobs and recruiting website, has just released its annual list of highest-paying jobs in America. It’s good news for folks thinking about studying, interning or volunteering abroad. Let’s break it down and look at how you can stand out in a crowded field of applicants!



The top three best paid jobs on Glassdoor’s list are all in healthcare. That’s good news for students wanting to break into the medical field, and API can help you stand out! We offer dozens of great programs, including Spanish for Medical Professionals in Costa Rica and field research in Sydney!

13 of the 25 occupations on the list are in technology (up from 11 in last year’s report). However, that doesn’t mean these jobs are all at major tech companies. In 2018 and beyond, many retail companies are hiring skilled tech workers to research and analyze data. Because these jobs are more diverse than the typical “tech gig”, employers are looking for new hires with unique experience and resumes that stand out. That’s where studying abroad can really push a candidate ahead! API works with universities around the world to offer a wide variety of courses – everything from video game design in Limerick to business courses in Brisbane (at one of the top universities worldwide!).


API also has options for people looking to go the interning or volunteering abroad route; both of which look amazing on a resume! We offer STEM internships in beautiful cities like London and Buenos Aires, and volunteering abroad programs in Germany and several countries across Latin America.

Breaking into a high paying career doesn’t have to require years of schooling. It’s all about how you market yourself! If you’re unsure of where to begin, visit API’s Program Finder to browse through options all over the world.


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